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KontrolFreek - Alpha


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More Grip. More Control. More Comfort. Less Height.

KontrolFreek Alpha was developed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners who need more grip and comfort while gaming. Adding a nominal 3.6mm of height, Alpha's big performance comes in a small, easy-to-use package. Alpha quickly attached to OEM thumbsticks to add extra comfort and grip - thanks to its extra wide thumb surface and proprietary rubber coating.

Great for any game, Alpha provides a wider thumb surface for better grip while adding minimal height. Simply attach Alpha to OEM thumbsticks and continue playing your favorite games. You'll instantly feel a major improvement in comfort and grip thanks to the non-slip proprietary rubber-like coating. Alpha also protects your stock thumbsticks from everyday wear and tear. Available in black or blue color options, Alpha is the easiest and best way to improve your gaming experience across your entire library of games.

  • Up to 101% more surface area than OEM thumbsticks
  • Extra wide, concave surface for more comfort and grip
  • Protects PS4 and Xbox One sticks from peeling and wear
  • Minimal height increase for little-to-no adjustment period


  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • FIFA
  • Minecraft
  • Rocket League
  • Smite


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  • does what its meant to.

    By TakeDown

    Nothing wrong with the sticks, just weren't meant for me. Tried these and other pairs. For my gaming, ive found that the cqc sticks work best, ive even wore them out in a year. But my Alphas have lasted just as long, i switch between the 2, however as a destiny player, i find the cqc more helpful.
  • Very good

    By Simenm99

    These are perfect
  • decent

    By Billy

    it is a decent product for gaming and it does help gameplay

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Questions and Answers

NOTE: This Q&A is for KontrolFreek - Alpha questions only.

Q: I only play GTA V and BO 3, but is there a thumbstick for both, because i don't want to buy two different thumbsticks.

Posted On: 9/27/2016 By: Thomas

A: Yeah. I recommend getting one of the CQC products.
Q: So is this a whole controller or are all your products just thumbsticks?

Posted On: 11/15/2014 By: Jared rines

A: Just the thumbsticks!
Q: do these also fit on xbox 360 controllers?

Posted On: 10/27/2014 By: jaren schuster

A: No. For right now the Alphas are only for next-gen XBox One and PS4.
Q: How come the alphas for ps4 are more wider then the Xbox one version? When the stock Xbox one sticks are smaller then the stock ps4 sticks.

Posted On: 10/16/2014 By: Eddy guerra

A: Great question! Our designs start with the base so that they can properly attach to the stock thumbsticks. So, the Alphas for the PS4 are only larger because they require a larger base - and vice versa for XBox One.
Q: Do the alphas have a greater surface area than regular kontrol freeks or cqc's?

Posted On: 10/9/2014 By: Rahul

A: Yes! The Alphas have 36% more surface area for PS4 and 19% for XBox One when comparing to classic or CQCs

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