Hoops Freek

Crash the Boards. Crush Opponents.

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Hoops Freek

Crash the Boards. Crush Opponents.

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Hoops Freek was developed for all of you basketball fanatics who live for March Madness and have more copies of basketball games on your shelf than Phil Jackson has championships. A must-have for fans of  NBA 2K, the Hoops Freek analog stick enhancement gives you the finesse to control the game during clutch situations, like driving the hole or launching the buzzer beater.

The convex, basketball-textured thumb pad features an unrivaled grip and also adds a touch of sexy to your PS4 or Xbox One controller. Showcase your skills like never before and unleash your favorite players' best moves like Kobe Bryant's fade away jumper, Kevin Durant's turnaround jump shot and LeBron James' slam dunk with greater ease thanks to the added precision and comfort the Hoops Freek provides. 

Deny the defense every time and take the opposing team to school with the enhanced control and leverage from the added height (10.2 mm) and increased range of motion (+150%). In short, this increased accuracy and decreased thumb fatigue helps you take your game to the next level.

With this year's basketball games placing such a high emphasis on player movement and ball handling you'd be insane to play without Hoops Freek!

Works great in games like:

  • NBA 2K15
  • NBA 2K14


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  • Amazing

    By UndeadBroz

    Wow! These this are just amazing! I use them in NBA 2K15 and boy, Do they ever feel comfortable, Lot's of grip and great look! I actually use these more in Call of Duty than 2K! In Call of Duty ,I annihilate. They really help me with the medium to long range kills because those are the type of kills I don't normally get. Just awesome
  • Perfect..if it didn't fall off during use

    By hee1kick

    I fond of this product. I got large hands, and this makes the controllers much more comfortable for me. Also, it is useful sometimes for being more accurate. Espec. in shooters. But, I find it also helps with "flashy passes" in Nba2k14, and aiming shots in #IDarb.

    The Hoops Freek is my favorite set, because I prefer the convex shape, and I really like the way the grip feels on it (especially compared to the other designs I've tried, which was a few others). These days the Vortex is nice, too. But, i been using the basketball ones for a few years, so i have them on the xb360 and the xb1.

    But, there is a big CON on the new xb1 models. The dang things pop off occasionally while I am playing. At least once an hour, and that is just playing Nba 2k against the computer. It happens more often during more intense games. I haven't played any shooters lately, but, i think it would come off a lot on a fast-pace shooter like Halo multiplayer. It pops off pretty frequently during #IDARB online.

    On the 360 they never popped off once. Which is good, because taking them off and on is potentially damaging to your controller. I had a little piece break off from the edge of the analog pad one time when removing or fastening a Freek, don't remember which. But, it bugs me every time I use that controller.

    So, having to fasten the XB1 Freeks more often, I am worried about damaging those controllers, too.

    And even ignoring all that, it is annoying to have them pop off in the middle of a game. I was playing #IDarb online the other day, and this problem caused a key goal against me.

    If there wasn't this problem, I would give the product 5 stars, like i did on the 360 models. But, this is a big detraction. Still, it is better than not having Freeks.

    I hope the design is improved to eliminate this problem. If it is fixed i'll get another pair.
  • Very Nice

    By Ryan

    Wonderful Grip & Like a Real Basketball

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