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I literally can't play without them now


I was highly skeptical that these sticks would be remotely helpful. However, I recognized that playing at lower sensitivities was hurting me in Destiny's crucible and putting me at a disadvantage, and I knew I couldn't manage a high setting on a standard controller. I wasn't ready to shell out for a custom controller, so I started looking into these on the advice of a couple of friends who swore by them, and I am very glad that I did! I ended up going with the Galaxy's because I wanted to fine tune my aim without going overboard on the left stick - I tend to favor close quarters combat and these have worked out perfectly. I increased my sensitivity from 6 to 9 and saw immediate gains in my effectiveness in 1v1 situations. Beyond that, the controls just plain feel more responsive than they ever used to. The sticks clip on firmly but are still easy to remove, and they've never given me any trouble clicking or slipping. All in all, this one purchase has turned a me into a Kontrol Freek fan. Well done.

I haven't used these Kontrol Freek sticks or controller, but it seems worth it


I've never used Kontrol Freek sticks or controllers since I've been gaming. I've been using a regular controller during my gaming sessions whether, it's Call of Duty to Overwatch to Destiny I've been using a regular controller. I've been getting decent scores and K/D ratios on most of my games with a regular controller, but these Kontrol Freek sticks and the controller seems very useful to use when gaming for a higher K/D ratio than standard ratios that's around a 1.14 to 2.00 K/D. The Higher standard would be going 24-0, 39-1 or 50+ less deaths in games that has a ratio between a 44.00 K/D or higher that's my goal and to get a higher score per minute on Black Ops 3 and getting 70+ kills. I believe these Kontrol Freek sticks and controller whilst getting the gamer grip sold separate from this bundle would improve my gaming.

KF and Scuf thumbsticks


I noticed that ps4 galaxy and vortex freeks i have fit scuf thumbsticks fine and tight both domed/concave sticks. Also the grip and the comfort level is OVER 9000 with this awesome products!