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KontrolFreek is the leading developer of innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience and give gamers of all skill levels the competitive edge. KontrolFreek products are developed based on a careful study of ergonomics, ensuring each product provides gamers with total control, reduces fatigue, and improves overall gaming comfort.

We work with game developers, the gaming community, and KontrolFreek fans to ensure that we make the best performance gaming products possible.


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We love our fans and love seeing our stuff out there in the real world. In fact, we love it so much that we gave it a name. We call it FreekNation. Basically, if you have a love for gaming and KontrolFreek gear, this is the place!

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Alastair Aiken, better known online as Ali-A, posts gaming videos to YouTube as a full time job, having played video games for as long as he can remember – just for fun. In 2009 Ali started uploading short gaming clips to his YouTube channel and now six years later has 8.5 million people subscribed to his two channels. He has had 1.7 billion video views, and he is averaging 100,000 new subscribers and over 10 million views per week.

Setup: Uses CQC Signature Ali-A Edition
on the right aiming stick

Jordan "Proofy" Cannon is a veteran of the Call of Duty scene known for inspiring his teammates and earning two championships and an X-Games Gold Medal. Playing key roles in organizations such as EnVyUs, OpTic and FaZe, Proofy has hit the ground running in 2016 by introducing Rush eSports.

Setup: Uses FPS Freek CQC
on the right aiming stick

James “Clayster” Eubanks has proven himself to be a powerhouse player for teams such as OpTic Nation, CompLexity, Denial and now FaZe. The Call of Duty Champion, MVP and X-Games Gold medalist is known for getting his teammates and his fans hyped and will be a must-watch for 2016.”

Setup: Uses FPSFREEK Ultra
on the right aiming stick


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