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  • AWESOME!!!

    By JAMES

    10/10 my friend gave it to me as a birthday gift and my K.D improved by 0.25!
  • Improved accuracy

    By galaxystar500

    Greatly happy that i purchased them.
  • Great...

    By JamiexElite a.k.a future exility

    My K.D was 0.46 before, now it turned into 0.51. Amazing!!!

    By Josh

    Such an amazing KF. Great grip. Awesome style. Feels Great. Amazing color. They will look great on any color controller. Just buy them, you won't regret it.
  • Inferno

    By Carloandre

    They're awesome, you can fell that you are really playing much better, I love them JUST BUY IT!! and then you see that I'm not wrong.
  • Great but one problem

    By Devon

    I have a vortex kf set and I wish they had a convex version
  • Overall Awesome

    By XxKingsmanxX

    Makes you feel like an mlg player
  • Best

    By Superhero1221

    The best thumbstick cover of all time
  • Excellent !

    By yamen azzam

    i tried thumbsticks things ( sorry am bad in english ) AMAZING i came here from hollowpoiint and he wasnt lying u guys are good !! keep up and wish u better
  • Aim

    By DzM

    its awesome i can get headshot easier now
  • amazing

    By awesome

    legit comfort
  • Great for gaming

    By Danny

    There really good for gaming and the give you more grip on your joysticks
  • Love These!

    By Tarantino

    Everytime I take them off to see the difference, I feel so weird at the fact that I don't have them on, they have helped a lot and I can't tell you how much they've helped me improve!
  • This product is very helpful!

    By Cehqs

    Okay, so my friend has purchased several control freaks and he let me borrow some. This product has helped improve my game play a TONS! I've gotten s better kdr on bo3 and won tons more gunfights
  • Love these

    By Jxert

    I've had these for 1 month and they have not began to wear down yet and I play 5 hours a day at least constantly. I find myself not being able to play without some level of thumb elevation now.
  • awesome

    By sqarrington

    I never imagined a good thumbstick until I got this one. Amazing!
  • Great

    By Jackcicc

    They are better then all the other ones they are the best
  • Awesome

    By Toby

    These thumbsticks are the best I Have Used To Play Thanks KontrolFreek For The Awesome Product
  • KontrolFreek = Quality :)

    By Fernandixo

    Kontrolfreek is the best, i love the thumbsticks and grips, they deserves their price!
  • I Love It

    By Kontroll FREAK

    It works great on BO3
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