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  • Great but not perfect

    By JRC

    I love them especially the color, but I prefer to have the left analog stick shorter. Besides that it's a great product
  • Great

    By Hb

    Amazing freeks. Love them
  • Best things in the world.

    By ViBe Anarchy

    These have helped me out in almost every video games from first person shooters to rpgs. Best product ive ever used and bought.
  • they suck

    By tmoney

    they suck
  • Awesome control at a great price

    By Dills92

    Before I bought these I bought some cheap thumb grips to see if the whole range of motion thing worked. And it did. But then I tried kontrol freek and I'll never go back to cheap ass thumb grips anymore. The grip on kontrol freek is absolutely superior to anything I've used before. AMAZING !
  • Kontrolfreek

    By Sam

    Amazing products! Improves my gaming so much!
  • Gr8 Mate

    By Ryan

    Enjoyed the product- K/D increased and am performing better overall
  • Great

    By Jack

    These are amazing i want to buy more
  • Awesome

    By Darkzerox66

    They are just awesome.
  • Great

    By Blueray

    Really good help me aim.
  • really good

    By steve

    help a lot while gaming and never lose the grip
  • Best ThumbSticks Ever

    By NicholasETW

    These Thumbsticks Are The Best Thumbsticks I have ever used they are very comfortable buy them
  • It's awesome

    By Majod

    I like it,I hope you will make one for the division
  • Really good buy them

    By Jack

    These have a really nice grip and u will really love the color
  • Great

    By Atomic

    Help my aim 100% comfortable and cheap
  • Amazing

    By Kryptic 115

    KontrolFreek has done it again with another amazing FPS Freeks with Inferno. They are really comfortable just like the Vortex and you'll notice your K/D going up
  • Love!

    By Mazd

    These look great and feel great!
  • Very Great

    By Zak

    You get more precision in Fps, it's just perfect
  • These are great for lots of games

    By Eeloc10

    These are amazing and they definitely improved my gameplay. I wold recommend these to anyone who likes FPS's.
  • Worth it!

    By AliBeastMode

    I just got the new kontrolfreek fps Infernos' and they are amazing my kd has gone threw the roof. I suggest ordering them now.
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