• good but hard

    By ItzKristo

    the sticks were very good they helped me a lot with my aim but are a bit hard and hurts after a while.
  • These are nice

    By Nutmeg Lord

    these are nice but are really abrasive on your thumbs, I actually had pain in my thumbs because it felt like my skin was getting slowly rubbed off.
  • extremely uncomfortable

    By boobieflicker

    could play for about 30 mins then my thumbs went numb
  • Comfortable and improved playing

    By AllIDoIsCoD

    These sticks improved my playing and are very comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone that wants to improve their playing!
  • Best thing ever

    By Tim

    I was really bad and my friends never wanted me on thier team. But now my aim is better and I am doing great. THANK YOU KONTROL FREEK
  • One of the best Christmas gifts

    By King_Arjun_HD

    I bought a pair for myself around when it came out and I fell in absolutely love with it and my friend wanted to try he did too so now I know what his Christmas gifts will be
  • Love it

    By Infinitz

    I had the infernos but these are even better
  • Worth it

    By dr Erlank

    Greatly improved comfort and accuracy. Totally worth the money
  • Some of the best grips yet

    By Arjun

    These are very good for any type of play in COD ww2 I found use for them in sniping.
  • These things are the "TRUTH"

    By Raider_9691

    I must admit at first I was skeptical of these things, purchased a set and the rest is history. I've used them so much till now they've split and I must buy a new set. Emphasis on "MUST
  • Good Thumbsticks

    By Shroomie22

    Thumbsticks improved my gameplay of fps games and other games. One stick had very minor damage but nothing that impacts gameplay or the feel/look of the stick as its just the one corner under the top of the stick.
  • Good review

    By FIsher1

    At first I wasn't sure of buying them but then I fell in love with them
  • Ww2 kontrol freek

    By Izzy

    Awesome i love how it feels! In love
  • Perfect

    By Dogthor_22

    The best KF of all !
  • Decent

    By MrGrim864

    Great as far as accuracy goes definitely an improvement but if you want comfort I would go with a different style.
  • The best for accuracy

    By Bogdan1258

    This is the best kontroll freek
  • Mlg to the next level

    By Fenton118

    This is a great pair for mid range engagements and its even sweeter with the free calling card!
  • Very nice

    By Banito

    Very nice
  • When used it first, felt really weird but then It is great.

    By Skywalker

    If your controllers' grip is stuffed up, you can’t use it, it doesn’t hold it.
  • Love it!

    By Michal

    After seeing people using them, I had to get them myself and boy they are amazing!