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  • Nice

    By ives1234

    I bought these a couple weeks ago as a replacement to the ubber on my ps4 analog sticks they are very comfortable and easy to get used to
  • Excellent!

    By Lee

    Using one of these on the left thumb-stick and a tall one on the right stick. The improvement is noticeable
  • Great overall

    By Robert

    These are great for people who think other grips are too high
  • Great product

    By Anthony

    I have most grips and I these were my first absolutely love them
  • Great Product

    By Nick

    A will always buy these, they are the best sticks ever!!!
  • Amazing

    By AngelicPrototype

    gifted to me by a friend, being the gamer I am I absolutely love them.
  • Great

    By Zach

    these are my favorite ones
  • 5 star

    By Aaron

    Simply amazing and long lasting
  • Awesome

    By Arman

    These kontrol freaks are lethal
  • Awesome

    By Chevi

    This thumbsticks aré awesome in FIrst Person Games
  • Amazing product

    By Beast

    This is one of my favorite kontrol freek products
  • great for alternate stick!

    By bigjay

    These are great for your left thumb stick, or whichever one you don't use for targeting.
  • WOW

    By alphaz

    WOW! este producto es bastante comodo y se agarra muy bien al dedo, lo recomiendo 100%
  • Great Product

    By Johnny J

    The alpha sticks work great and look great to! They work well with hockey games.
  • Love it

    By Stefan Diabo

    These thumbsticks are awesome.
  • Alpha's

    By N4

    Excellent. A must have gaming goodie. I have been using KF's for years. XBOX & PS4. Improves my COD by a noticeable margin, not to mention it's increased comfort, at least to me. BTW, T-shirt is great too! Nice fit, very soft. Would love to see more graphic choices using that shirt as base for them all.
  • Improvement

    By WillYum

    I play mostly Call of Duty. Ever since I've used these Kontrol Freeks, I've been getting kills I would not usually get because I have such an advantage with my accuracy. It definitely will make you a better player and I couldn't play without them.
  • They break VERY easily

    By Gamer

    So I think the Kontrolfreek slphas are a great product, they fell great on my thumbs and do make me a little better on games. HOWEVER, they break extreamly easily. I've went through 3 pairs now and that's just through regular use. They are not durable at all.
  • Fantastic Product!!!

    By Darktalon75

    I got these two days ago and cannot believe the difference! Very comfortable fit for the left stick, and adds a depth of sensitivity.
    I would absolutely recommend this product to any recreational or professional gamer. Definitely worth every penny.
  • Best 6 week thumbsticks....

    By KonTro113dKhaOZ

    These Alphas are the BEST Left thumbsticks around.... close second are actually those cheap rubber ones from foamy lizard on amazon... Just wish these things lasted longer... Alpha 2 needs to come out soon
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