Pro Pack Vortex - KontrolFreek
Pro Pack Vortex - KontrolFreek
Pro Pack Vortex - KontrolFreek
Pro Pack Vortex

Pro Pack Vortex

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When the tide of the battle shifts or you need to navigate a tight course, you need a sure grasp on your controller and precision on your side. With the KontrolFreek Pro Pack, you'll be able to enjoy a comfortable and secure hold on your controller during the heat of combat, while the included thumbsticks deliver accuracy and an enhanced grip. Made from breathable materials, the accessories help wick away sweat and moisture to ensure you're on top of your game.

Vortex combines one high-rise stick for precision and one mid-rise stick for added grip and comfort. This combo translates to better control and accuracy over your OEM sticks and can be used for first and third-person shooters, action/adventure and more. Grips utilize a moisture-wicking combination of advanced proprietary materials to achieve enhanced grip and comfort. Our proprietary, honeycomb-stamped polymer outer layer maximizes grip while optimizing airflow to keep hands cool. The foam cushioning layer creates a feel much like dense memory foam, conforming to your palm and providing more support and comfort the harder you game.
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: BLACKOUT
  • PUBG


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