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Why haven't I received my order? - USA

Please check your DHL Global Mail tracking number and it will point you to where your package is located. It can be tracked here. If you do not remember your tracking number, you can locate that here as long as you have your order number and email address used at checkout.

Why haven't I received my order? - International

DHL Global Mail Packet Shipping can take 1-3 weeks to complete an International delivery. Some International tracking numbers can not be tracked after they arrive in the destination city, since your delivery is sorted outside the DHL scanning systems.

My tracking says that I received my package, but I haven't.

The local post office physically scanned your package at that time as being placed on your delivery truck. The best way to track down your package would be to swing by your local post office, and give them your tracking number. Tell them you are looking for a 6 X 10 kraft bubble mailer. They should be able to help find your package. If they do not, please let us know and we will go from there.

I placed an order on my card, but why do I see multiple charges on my credit card?

Most likely, your order did not go through on the first try and there was some issue with the card information. Credit cards produce authorizations (which lockup funds in your account) while your information is being verified. This is a standard procedure that the credit card companies impose. The funds being held will become available as soon as the authorization process is completed and the pending charge you see on your account will just go away. You will only be charged for the one order.

Where do I apply to become an affiliate?

You can apply to become an affiliate here.

Where do I apply to become sponsored?

You can apply to become sponsored here.

Where do I apply to have my event or tournament sponsored?

You can apply to have your event sponsored here.

Where do I apply for a product review sample?

You can apply for a product review sample here.

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