Three Heights to Choose From

Our Performance Thumbsticks are available in three sizes. Take the buyer’s guide quiz to solve the high-rise vs mid-rise vs low-rise debate and find out which height is perfect for you.

Convex or Concave?

Performance Thumbsticks are available as concave (bowl-shaped), designed for players who keep their thumb in the center or outer edge or convex (domed) for players who rest the flat part of their thumb on the stick. Want the best of both worlds? We also offer hybrid and mixed options.

Hand Size Matters!

The size of your hand determines what height is best fit for you. For the most accurate results, measure your hand size in inches with a ruler. Start from the outer-most tip of your thumb and extend to the outer-most tip of your pinky.
Small: 5.9-7in / 15-17.8cm
Medium: 7-9in / 17.8-22.9cm
Large: 9-10.5in / 22.9-26.7cm