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Shipping Questions

What is the timeframe for shipping international orders?

How are the products shipped?

What is the timeframe for shipping in the United States?

How can I track my order?


Purchasing Questions

Are KontrolFreek products available only online or can I buy a set from a local store?

What credit cards are acceptable to use to buy products from KontrolFreek?

Can I use a prepaid gift card to buy KontrolFreek products?

Why have I been charged multiple times?

Can I purchase products using PayPal?

What is your return policy?


Product Questions

Will your products fit on my controller?

How are KontrolFreek products installed on the controller?

Can you put normal thumb grips such as gel grips over the thumb installations from KontrolFreek?

Is it effective to play on a higher sensitivity when using KontrolFreek products?

How many FPS Freeks do you get per order?

I know I can use these in the comforts of my home online, but can I use them at LANs and at MLG events?

How do your products increase the range of the analog/joystick as well as the accuracy?

Which KontrolFreek product is the best for me?

What is the warranty on your products?

How much practice do you need with the product?

With the clip onto the analog sticks are there any issues with the clicking of the analog stick?

Does KontrolFreek products work for people with small fingers?