KontrolFreek Call of Duty Revive! is based on the Perk-a-Cola soda bottle cap from Zombies. It features a vintage blue color scheme and a detailed rendering of the iconic beverage’s logo stamped on our proprietary rubber-like pad. The laser-etched artwork and fluted shape provides solid grip and comfort for long-lasting zombie survival.

KontrolFreek Call of Duty Revive! Features

  • Extremely limited edition Call of Duty collectable
  • Features iconic laser etched Revive! Soda logo
  • Designed with Call of Duty for use in Zombies
  • Solid grip and comfort for long-lasting survival
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This officially licensed Performance Thumbstick is built on the extremely versatile CQC platform. The 5.7mm of height added by Revive! creates a nearly seamless feel for those looking for big results but prefer less adjustment time. Revive! is also perfect for younger gamers or those with hands on the smaller side. Revive! helps increase all-around accuracy, too, so it will surely help you get the most out of short-to-mid range munitions like shotguns and subs.

Revive! Provides:

  • Faster targeting at short-to-medium range
  • Rubberized surface for more comfort and grip
  • Better control and improved accuracy
  • A great option for young gamers with smaller hands
  • Negligible height increase for little-to-no adjustment period
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This extremely limited collector’s edition Performance Thumbstick is a must-have for fans of Call of Duty: Zombies and won’t last long!

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