KontrolFreek Delivers Knockout Combo with FPS Freek Vortex

KontrolFreek Adds to Acclaimed FPS Freek Line with Strong Pairing for First- and Third-Person Games

ATLANTA, GA – Sept 10, 2013 – Just in time for the fall FPS season, KontrolFreek, creators of the popular FPS Freek®, Speed FreekTM and other performance gaming gear, today introduced FPS Freek Vortex - a powerful coupling of two differently-styled atomic orange FPS Freeks in one package.

As the latest addition to KontrolFreek’s renowned FPS Freek line of thumbsticks, FPS Freek Vortex contains a number of firsts. The most important is the thoughtful pairing of two different thumbsticks—with two different heights and styles in one package. Each package includes one taller, standard-sized FPS Freek (0.49 inch tall) that provides more leverage and accuracy for the right aiming stick and one lower profile, CQC-style FPS Freek (0.30 inch tall) that is designed to enhance the grip and maneuverability of the left stick without adding as much height..

Each of the Vortex thumbsticks (watch product video) also has a different thumb surface. The right aiming thumb stick is convex, giving gamers a more consistent contact surface for fluid movements and more precision. The left movement stick is concave for optimum grip and handling.

Though the two sticks differ in height and function, each one employs a soft and comfortable rubber thumb pad with a swirled design pattern that adds grip as pressure is increased.

"FPS Freek Vortex was forged from feedback provided by KontrolFreek’s passionate community of gamers, many of whom mix and match various FPS Freek styles to create this popular combination which they believe is the strongest pairing for most first and third-person games," said Ashish Mistry, KontrolFreek President and CEO.

Early reports are that the FPS Freek Vortex delivers.

"I personally love the new Vortex," said popular YouTube commentator Ali-A. "The Vortex CQC stick is now my favorite!"

"These New Orange Vortex Kontrol Freeks are AMAZING,” adds YouTube commentator Ms. HeartAttack, while commentator Sik Sensei says, “This is my favorite set of FPS Freeks to date. They really do help you increase your accuracy and that grip on the left thumbstick is just incredible.”

The FPS Freek Vortex is designed to fit both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation3 controllers, but it is compatible with many third-party versions. It retails for $13.99 and is available now from KontrolFreek.com. KontrolFreek products are made in the United States and are sanctioned for tournament play.

About KontrolFreek
Headquartered in Atlanta, KontrolFreek designs and creates premium gaming accessories that give players at all levels a competitive advantage. KontrolFreek combines ergonomics and innovative design to deliver improved accuracy, maneuverability and comfort for Xbox and PlayStation gamers. For more information, please visit KontrolFreek.com.