Throwback Meets Throwdown with RcadeFreek™ from KontrolFreek

Leader in performance gaming gear introduces stylish & innovative accessory for arcade fans

ATLANTA April 18, 2011 – KontrolFreek, makers of the popular FPS Freek™, and Speed Freek™, announced today the launch of the Rcade Freek™ for the arcade gaming genre, spanning across casual, retro to fighter titles. Specifically designed to emulate the unique experience of arcade games, Rcade Freek is uniquely designed and engineered to redefine how classic games are played and to add ease and control to the complex moves of current titles. Rcade Freek is set to bring back retro play and fashion this summer by launching first in black, with additional colors planned for 2011.   

In line with KontrolFreek’s range of premium game products, the Rcade Freek is uniquely designed based on extensive user research combined with testing across a wide variety of games. By attaching directly to the analog joystick on both the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, the unit will add an inch in height to improve range of motion and emulate the experience of an actual arcade controller. The Rcade Freek features a sleek all black high-polished dome, enabling gamers to transition smoothly in game and create a mixture of moves in a range of games. 

The adapter is perfectly matched to play with casual titles (PixelJunk Shooter, LIMBO, Soul Caliber), retro games (Pac-Man, Asteroids, Q*bert) and fighters (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 4, Marvel Vs. Capcom) as examples. The adapter particularly helps create prolonged control typical of arcade game play whilst providing a mixture of rapid-fire moves and combinations. KontrolFreek recognized arcade games demanded the most versatility and so Rcade Freek is designed to benefit gamers who have unique styles of game play and improve their enjoyment of titles at home.

“Rcade Freek brings a whole new twist to playing arcade games which gamers may not have had before,” said Ashish Mistry, KontrolFreek president and CEO. “We’re excited to develop these unique gaming accessories not only for the hardcore gamer but now also for the casual audience especially with the boom of retro games making a comeback on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Our range of colors is sure to make Rcade Freek a perfect accessory for all gamers this summer.”

The Rcade Freek is priced at $9.99 and is available for purchase.