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SPEEDFREEK™ Apex Thumbstick

SPEEDFREEK™ Thumbstick
U.S. Patent No. 7,993,203
Alpha Thumbstick

U.S. Patent No. D762,780

Canada Design Reg. No. 166166

Australia Design Reg. No. 366657

China Design Reg. No. 303950688

Europe Design Reg. No. 002928952
FPS FREEK® Galaxy Thumbstick U.S. Patent No. D762,782
PERFORMANCE GRIPS™ Accessories Patent Pending.
Turbo Thumbstick Patent Pending.
Atomic Thumbstick Patent Pending.
Omni Thumbstick Patent Pending.

FPS FREEK™ Battle Royale Thumbstick

Patent Pending.

Other patents pending in the United States and internationally.