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Hoops Freek


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Hoops Freek

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Hoops Freek was built to enhance grip and player control in basketball games like NBA 2K16 but can be used in many games including first and third-person shooters. It adds a precision enhancing 12.6mm of height to your OEM sticks.

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Left Stick:

Height: 12.58mm
Laser Etched Design

Right Stick:

Height: 12.58mm
Laser Etched Design

Added height for less
force, reducing fatigue
Increased range of
motion for better accuracy

Optimal in-game range (Left Stick)


Optimal in-game range (Right Stick)

Control and Accuracy:


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Hoops Freek


Overall Rating

I love these, but the pad wears away.

By tom

"I have had at least three pairs of hoopsfreek over the the years. I think one on 360 and then i got two packs for the Xbone cause I really liked its height, feel, and convex-ness. I got large hands and love the comfort of this freek. When I am at a friends house playing without one, I feel i like everything is wrong.

The only problem is after a year or two of use (sorry not sure which. I've had a couple orders. I think it is a year, but it could be an order I had from a couple years ago) is the pads are totally worn away, and there are always orange crumbs falling around my analog sticks. I am not sure if this is common to other designs, because I either haven't used them, or lost them before I had a chance to wear them out.

Since it's relevant: I don't play everyday, or even every week. I am an on and off gamer. I been playing a lot this month, but over the winter I went like 3 months without playing any video games.

I am here to make a purchase today, not sure what to get now. Vortex is similar but only one stick is elevated or convex."
2k gaming

By Haris

"great kf's for 2k17. "
Great for sports,

By Joseph

"OK so off the gate, not for aiming, more for balling. So if your looking for a set to raise k/d and slay noobz, prolly Wana aim more for something like sniper or s.c.a.r., but if your looking for something to raise your 3 Point % or raise your QBR , these are for you!"


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Overall Rating


Hoops Freek’s domed (or convex) thumb pad features an authentic basketball-textured design that provides excellent grip and adds some much needed bling to OEM controllers.

The 12.6mm of height added by Hoops Freek gives you the ability to make smaller, more precise in-game movements. This helps virtual ballers showcase their skills with more accurate shots and passes. Hoops Freek also helps to alleviate hand, thumb and wrist fatigue, so you can play your best well into overtime.


  • More precise shots, passes and player movement
  • Domed (convex) thumb pad for enhanced control
  • Laser etched basketball texture for extra grip
  • Reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue


  • NBA 2K16
  • Call of Duty
  • Madden 17
  • Battlefield 4
  • Destiny