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Great, an absolute necessity.


Within minutes, I could feel a huge difference. The grip, phenomenal, no more slipping and sliding because of sweaty hands. Your aiming will improve tenfold, more precise shots, and increased sensitivity. One of the best products I have spent money, and will continue to spend money on. An absolute necessity for any gamer, whether your playing a fps, tps, or even a fighter, KontrolFreek is the product for you.



Console gaming without these is like pc gaming with a bad mouse. These are a must have for any console gamer.

Worth Every Penny

Walter Brackin

Higher kills, better killstreaks, easy to assemble, easier strafe jump capablities and they deliver as described! I ordered on Wednesday, Got them in two days! That was nice! Installation was literally a snap here and there. First game on MW2 I went 21-4-2, with a AC-130, I killed myself to reset my killstreaks, and got shot on the respawn. I was thinking, well maybe thats just a fluke. Second game, 54-11-9, granted this was HQ on Favela and we did hold the last HQ for more kills. But geez, some of the shots I was hitting were amazing. For instance, the snipers on top of the bottom building; sometimes, they hide right behind the air conditioning unit up top and they are hard the hit. No more! I killed atleast 5 guys when I jumped through a the banana trees. I have had trouble with that spot before, but no more. I do recommend these. Why not? They are $15, you could practically pull that out from the sofa. The only place for improvement is for the company the try convex style for XBox360 user and concave for PS3 users. XBox360 gamers are always talking about how they wish they could try convex analog sticks. and this product would make that simple and easy, plus the added benefit of getting more kills. Thank You.