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I literally can't play without them now


I was highly skeptical that these sticks would be remotely helpful. However, I recognized that playing at lower sensitivities was hurting me in Destiny's crucible and putting me at a disadvantage, and I knew I couldn't manage a high setting on a standard controller. I wasn't ready to shell out for a custom controller, so I started looking into these on the advice of a couple of friends who swore by them, and I am very glad that I did! I ended up going with the Galaxy's because I wanted to fine tune my aim without going overboard on the left stick - I tend to favor close quarters combat and these have worked out perfectly. I increased my sensitivity from 6 to 9 and saw immediate gains in my effectiveness in 1v1 situations. Beyond that, the controls just plain feel more responsive than they ever used to. The sticks clip on firmly but are still easy to remove, and they've never given me any trouble clicking or slipping. All in all, this one purchase has turned a me into a Kontrol Freek fan. Well done.

Unique combo of two different types of freeks!


Believe it or not these work really well together. I don't use them as often as I should. The texture ensures your thumbs will not slip off the thumb sticks.

Hot summers coming up


I live in southern california, and the weather start to get hot around this time of year(may), and only get hotter. I have clammy hands to begin with, but once it starts getting hot, gaming because more difficult and I have to constantly wipe my hands off in the middle of games. Your standard rubber grips don't ever do anything but make things more slippery, and even my anti-slip faceplate didn't help much. So, I finally decided to get these. I've been using Kontrolfree alphas for a few years now, and love them, so I went with a brand I trust. These grips are easy to apply, look and feel good. I think they will be incredibly helpful this summer.