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Apex Legends Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takeover Event Details and Tips

by Troy Gloski 12 Jan 2024

apex final fantasy thumbsticks

Apex Legends has an exciting new game mode in collaboration with Final Fantasy VII. The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Takeover event is live now through January 30th. In this special version of Apex Legends Battle Royale, players can drop in, grab exclusive weapons, and complete challenges to collect Gil, a new currency that can be spent on special limited-time event items. Typically to Apex Legends, this event also features exclusive FFVII inspired skins that you can purchase for your favorite legends. In this article we’ll talk about the special features of this game mode, our favorite weapons and hop-ups, and tips to collect more rewards and win more! 

apex legends thumbsticks

Apex Legends Thumbsticks: Predator Edition 

Before you load up Apex Legends, you want to make sure your controller is fully loaded up with the best attachments. Our Apex Legends: Predator Edition Performance Thumbsticks feature one high-rise thumbstick and one mid-rise thumbstick. The laser-etched Apex Predator design encircled by Apex logos on our proprietary rubber material upgrade your controller for legendary grip, comfort, and style.  

The mid-rise thumbstick adds 6.5mm height to your left stick for increased control and more fluid movement while using less force. These sticks enable you to push more aggressively, escape more effectively, and move around the map with ease.   

The high-rise thumbstick adds 10.0mm height to the right stick, maximizing the aiming arc for increased precision and faster, more accurate targeting. Hit your sniper shots more often. Place your abilities like Pathfinder ziplines and Wattson fences with more accuracy. Turn on your enemies before they turn on you in those close-quarters gunfights. 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Mode 

In the Apex Legends Final Fantasy VII Takeover game mode, you will find Buster R2R5 swords around the map, marked by a red beam going up to the sky. If you want to try out these powerful melee weapons, you can land on one from the start and fight for it, or eliminate a squad with a sword and loot it from their death box. Wielding this sword will allow you to dash, block and attack enemies from close range with devastating power. The ATB meter above the sword in the UI shows how much power you have to perform dashes or launch enemies in the air and you can use “Limit Break” to unleash increased speed, damage reduction, and an unlimited ATB meter! A strong strategy is to have one of these swords on your team as tank to divert fire from other legends who can pick off enemies while they are trying to deal with the sword player. 

This mode also features 5 unique hop-ups called “Materia” which apply unique modifiers to any weapon when equipped.  

Yellow Materia lets you see your enemy’s remaining HP when you damage them, which can be extremely useful for knowing when to push a weak enemy 

Red Materia summons a Nessie companion to attack enemies when equipped, giving you a helpful distraction on the battlefield 

Purple Materia will make your weapon randomly crit when damaging enemies, even when you aren’t hitting a crit spot 

Green Materia reminds us of the Electric Cherry perk from Call of Duty: Zombies, in that you emit a shock nova that damages and slows nearby enemies whenever you reload the equipped weapon 

Blue Materia is the best hop-up for most gunfights as it will give a portion of health for any damage you do to enemies, which can often be the difference between winning and losing a 1v1 

Materia are very powerful and a great way to mix up your gameplay and weapons. If you’re struggling to find Materia, you can stop by a CacTick bot to find one of each color. 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Rewards 

While this game mode is a fun change of pace from standard Battle Royale, the rewards are going to be the reason a lot of players grind this game mode for the next few weeks. The Final Fantasy skins, emotes, banners, and other items in the shop are all very cool and worth picking up if you can afford them. You’ll receive one free event pack just for logging into the game during this event. After that, you can purchase event packs with Apex Coins or Crafting Material 1 at a time or save up to buy 4 at once for a greater chance of finding some legendary rewards! 

You can also earn items for free just by playing the game mode and completing challenges to earn Gil. You can earn up to 1800 Gil per day by completing event challenges and playing the game mode. You will earn free badges for acquiring Gil and you can also spend it on exclusive event items and even Event Packs, so you can save your Apex Coins and Crafting Materials for unlocking Legends or other cosmetics! 

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event on Apex Legends is available through January 30th. Play the game mode to earn the epic rewards before they are gone and pick up some Apex Legends Predator Edition FPS Thumbsticks to upgrade your controller and win more. Check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs for controller tips to upgrade your play in your favorite games! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest Apex Legends content and join our Twitch streams for some always entertaining Apex Legends gameplay and a chance to win some officially licensed Apex Legends products from KontrolFreek and SteelSeries! 

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