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5 Reasons Why The Apex Legends Mozambique is Awful

by Mason Moreau 01 Mar 2019

Not Completely Useless, but It's Almost There...

Stop us if you've heard this before. The mozambique shotgun is by far the worst weapon in Apex Legends. Don't get us wrong, it still has that satisfying punch that all of the weapons in Apex have, and if that's the only gun around it's better to have something over nothing at the start of a round. But if you choose to keep the mozambique in one of your two precious weapon slots, then buddy we need to talk. 

We find all of the rage around the mozambique on social media to be pretty validating considering we've been feeling the same way all of you have. So we decided to contribute to the light-hearted hate surrounding the mozambique and come up with our own reasons why it's just hot garbage. Who knows, maybe it'll eventually get buffed and this post will become irrelevant?

It's a Shotgun Pistol

Shotgun pistols in video games are definitely a novel concept. Who wouldn't want to hold all of that firepower in their virtual hands? As opposed to real life where the serious blowback hurling a giant hunk of metal at your face is a very real possibility. Not to worry! All video game characters have super strength. 

In any multiplayer shooter, shotgun pistols are never a great pick. Among the sea of weapon options developers provide us with, there are always better options. Shotgun pistols have always existed as a way to pad out a weapons list and provide players with options that they won't necessarily need or want. Yeah, it's more content, but is it really if nobody likes it or uses it?

The Mozambique is no different. It's a lackluster gun in a roster of heavy-hitters that just seems very out of place. 

It Only Holds 3 Rounds At A Time

When it comes to Battle Royale games, ammo capacity is extra important. The size of your magazine, and when you need to reload, can literally mean life or death. And the Mozambique comes in with the lowest magazine capacity of any of the guns in Apex. If you don't make all three of those shots count, then you better start thinking about how you're going to get more loot after your team respawns you.  

There's one literally around every corner

The spawn rate of the Mozambique is so high in this game that sometimes it seems like the game is intentionally trolling you. During many of the times we've played, we'll drop into a mid-tier loot area, sometimes even high-tier, and make a beeline into the nearest building only to find that the first piece of loot is a mozambique.

So we go to the next room, right? Well, whadda ya know? there's ANOTHER mozambique in there. Eventually the mid or high tier loot shows up, but not without the Mozambique seemingly calling out to us "pick me up, pick me up"

No, Mozambique, we will not pick you up. You belong on the ground. 

It's useless If you're not up close

A common characteristic of shotguns in videogames is that they lack range. And most of the standard un-modded shotguns in Apex Legends are pretty poor when it comes to range. Minus the Mastiff, which is probably the Mozambique's polar opposite. 

The Mozambique's range is actually on par with the range of the EVA-8 Auto. Having said that, it's still terrible at any range that's not up close. We'd be lying if we said that getting a kill with a Mozambique is impossible. It's totally possible. But try it at any distance thats longer than a few feet. We dare you. 

Battle Royales by nature require loading your kit up with weapons that perform well at medium to far ranges. You need to be able to spot and react to fire fights at long distances, and we have enough trouble trying to hit targets with the Mozambique at close ranges. 

Getting Killed By Someone Using One is Extremely Depressing

A very valid criticism of Battle Royale games as a whole is that it can be infuriating when you drop in only to be the first team/person to die and then you subsequently have to go through the whole matchmaking process again in order to get back into the game. It's a minor nuisance that we all put up with because these games are just so damn entertaining. 

But tolerating premature death becomes much more of a chore when you find out someone snuck up on you and got you with the Mozambique. We can only hope that it was the first gun that they picked up. Because a world where someone voluntarily picks up a mozambique (and starts racking up kills with it) is not one that we want to live in. 

There you have it! Hopefully we'll see a buff soon! Did you like this post? Then be sure to check out our Titanfall 2 Weapons Comparison . Didn't like this post? Feel free to yell at us in the comments below! See you next Friday.

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