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Drop Into Call of Duty®: Warzone with Season Four’s Frenetic New Content

by Brittany Vincent 24 Jun 2021

Summer is finally here. Sunglasses? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Season Four of Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone? Double check. There's plenty of sizzling new content just waiting for you to dive in as the days get longer and the action gets even more intense.

As usual, we've got the full rundown of what fans are buzzing about with Season Four's inception, which just arrived on June 17. With four new multiplayer maps, five new weapons, new Points of Interest in Verdansk, and a new Outbreak quest for the next free Zombies map, there's plenty to get pumped for.

Here’s what you need to know about Season Four and what you’ve got to look forward to when you parachute in next.

Jumping Back In

Season Four follows Russell Adler's extraction by Frank Woods on June 10, 1984. Once more, the free world is in jeopardy, as the CIA put the kibosh on Perseus's experiments throughout "subjects" in Verdansk. Perseus agent Stitch sent a metal-faced assailant to the CIA Ground Station in response, which meant several CIA satellites would come crashing to the ground in both Verdansk and Algeria. Meanwhile, Adler's attitude turns violent, as he exclaims that Stitch is capable of anything, snapping at the mere sight of a satellite. This is all the beginning of a new narrative that hit earlier in June, setting the stage for the ongoing story to continue.

Make 'Ground Fall' with a New Limited Time Event

Season Four's limited time event Ground Fall lets players locate and secure SAT-Links from fallen CIA satellites in a bid to earn additional profile rewards such as Emblems, Calling Cards, a Satellite Weapon Charm, and some XP. If you can complete every challenge, you'll also get an Epic Secondary Weapon Blueprint for your trouble. All of these objectives are based on the new weapons, Agents, and other content introduced with Season Four, so it’ll be a fully immersive experience.  

New Multiplayer Maps and Content

You'll get to play across four new maps with Season Four's debut: Collateral and Collateral Strike, Amsterdam, Hijacked, and Rush. While the first three are all available now (and became so at launch), Rush will be an in-season release in the coming days.

Multiplayer modes Sat-Link, One in the Chamber, and Capture the Flag are available as well. Sat-Link is the aforementioned way that players can earn special rewards throughout the game mode for their profile as well as customization options. One in the Chamber gives players one bullet each to start with and adds more when they manage to get a kill. Capture the Flag is a familiar mode where squads work to take the enemy flag and take it back to their home base, all the while defending their own.

New Explosive Weapons

Two new weapons and three armaments come with the Season Four battle pass: the MG 82 LMG, C58 Assault Rifle, a nail gun, the OTS 9 SMG, and two additional melee weapons will be available as well. Black Ops' baseball bat and mace will be up for grabs for players as well. If you're ready for additional ways to mess up others' days, these weapons should do the trick nicely.

Level Up with Call of Duty: Warzone Performance Thumbsticks

If you’re serious about dominating in Season Four, you’ll want this secret weapon to ensure you stay on top of your game: KontrolFreek’s Call of Duty: Warzone Performance Thumbsticks. This particular line is designed to meet the ergonomic and performance gaming needs for players who specialize in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Each set comes packing two blue-on-gray hybrid, high-rise thumbsticks emblazoned with an ergonomic design featuring Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley, They're grippy and comfortable, but they're also functional. They'll help you snap to your targets faster and more accurately.  That means you'll be taking out enemies left and right while remaining cool, comfortable, and in control.

So gear up with our Performance Thumbsticks and then get ready to drop in Warzone Season Four. Stay frosty, because there’s a lot to tackle.
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