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The CES 2019 Products That Will Make You Say "Tech Yeah!"

by Mason Moreau 11 Jan 2019

Why do we have to wait for the future?

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show we get a look 5 years into the future of what's to come in the world of Tech, Software, and Gaming. So many companies pull out the big guns (sometimes literally) to showcase the most advanced technology that is at least close to being available to consumers. 

Yeah, we know what you're thinking. "KontrolFreek makes thumbsticks. Those aren't electronics!" But that doesn't keep us from nerding out over the latest and greatest tech that the Consumer Electronics Show has to offer! 

A Board Game Console


To start off, we have something that could change how we play tabletop games forever. An actual board game console! Made by a French company called Wizmaplay, this console has the ability to make every board game you buy at the store obsolete. 

360 VR Spheres

Ask anyone about one of the big problems of VR and they'll probably tell you that free movement is a huge deal. So here's what somebody came up with to fix that. A giant ball that you walk around inside. Have you ever wanted to feel like a hamster? Here's your chance. 

Mechanical Pong 

Ah the game that started it all. Pong. Atari's classic has seen numerous renditions and will always be remembered for starting the computer gaming trend, but who would have expected Atari to come full circle and make a fully mechanical, non-digital, version of Pong. 

6 Bladed Drone Taxi 

Stop us if you've seen this before. This is the one piece of tech at CES that has taken the whole internet by storm. The Bell Nexus Air Taxi lis just as cool as it is absurd. It fits 6 passengers and is lifted into the air by 6 drone-style propellers (one for each passenger?). We honestly can't wait until we can pull out the Uber app and call this bad boy to come take us on a ride to Sky-McDonalds.  

HTC Vive Pro Eye

So here's really where the future of gaming comes in to CES. The HTC Vive Pro Eye is quite literally going to be the future of VR. IT's everything you've come to expect from the Vive (with some slight upgrades), but the real kicker is that it will have dedicated eye tracking. This is literally how they will kill motion sickness for VR. Locking what's happening 1:1 with the wearer's eye movements will be next level. Guaranteed. 

LG Signature Series Rollable TV 

Last year LG debuted their rollable screen technology that was still a concept. This year they've finally put that concept into an actual product that will be available in 2019. LG have managed to fit a giant 65" TV into a piece of furniture that looks similar to a console table. The screen basically rises out of a housing that is half its size. Like something straight out of Mary Poppins. Anyone have a few thousand laying around that they can lend us? 

Did you like this post? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know if you saw anything at CES that we should add! Also go ahead and check out our 2019 Gaming Challenge or our list of 8 Gifts Gamers Never Ask For, But Always End Up Getting

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