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Control Darkness and Light With Destiny 2 The Final Shape Thumbsticks

by Troy Gloski 25 Jun 2024


The Final Shape is finally here! The long-awaited conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga might just be Destiny 2’s greatest expansion yet. We can’t get enough of the new locations, storylines, abilities, weapons, armor, and epic endgame content. In this article we’ll talk about what we’re loving about The Final Shape, provide some tips, and share how KontrolFreek is celebrating this momentous expansion. 

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Collector’s Edition Thumbsticks 

Firstly, we have to talk about these incredible Destiny 2: The Final Shape Collector’s Editon Thumbsticks. All thumbsticks come in a two-pack with 1 Mid-Rise Black Final Shape thumbstick and 1 High-Rise White Final Shape thumbstick, all packaged together in one of the coolest collector’s edition cases we’ve ever made. The lenticular portal on the traveler case moves as you tilt it, making this an eye-catching collectible to brighten up a gaming setup for any Destiny 2 fan! 

KontrolFreek is proud to celebrate our epic partnership with Bungie by releasing our first ever mixed color 2-pack of thumbsticks! The mid-rise black thumbstick helps you move with the lethal control of darkness on your left stick, while the high-rise white stick enhances precision aiming with the power of the light. The Final Shape design combines the pyramidal edges of darkness, with the round radial grooves of The Traveler to create a shape unlike any thumbstick we’ve ever made before. As an expert tip, you can rotate these thumbsticks to fit the shape of your thumb. For example, look at the way your thumbs rest on your controller naturally, then align the top of the triangle on the thumbstick with the middle-tip of your thumb. This should have your Final Shape thumbsticks pointing inward, making it easier to line up the middle of your thumb between the bottom 2 corners of the triangle. We found this to be the most comfortable way to achieve that “locked in” feeling we’re looking for when picking the right thumbsticks, but the beauty of KontrolFreek is that we offer so many solutions to upgrade your controller your way! 

final shape exclusive emblem

Control the powers of darkness and light for upgraded grip, movement, and precision. Destiny 2: The Final Shape Thumbsticks are available for PlayStation and Xbox. Every pack includes an exclusive “Gear Head” in-game emblem for Destiny 2. If you love Destiny 2 and you play on controller you should get these while you can! 

Final Shape Tips 

Do the Legendary Campaign: The Final Shape increased the gear power level cap to 2000. If you want to level up your gear quickly to be ready for endgame content like the raid, you should consider tackling the campaign on legendary difficulty as you will get an exotic armor piece and a 1960 set of gear, which will expedite the power level process quite a bit. If you’re having trouble with the legendary campaign, you can always try to find a fireteam in-game or using BungeFireteamFinder. 

Learn to Use Prismatic: The campaign does a great job of introducing you to the basics of Transcendence and unlocks some of the fragments, aspects, supers, and abilities for your new Prismatic subclass. Veterans will surely have their saved loadouts they are attached to, but we highly recommend experimenting with new loadouts using prismatic because they are incredible powerful, especially after you start acquiring god roll exotic class items! Complete the adventures that you can start from the last city to unlock additional supers and abilities. 

Explore the Pale Heart: After completing the campaign, there are so many other missions for you to complete to acquire incredible weapons, armor, and abilities. Here are some we recommend prioritizing. You will need to complete the Still Hunt mission to access the raid, and we recommend starting here, as this quest adds a lot to the story and gives you one of the most powerful DPS weapons to use in the raid. Next, we recommend completing Overthrow and Pale Heart Missions with the goal of unlocking the Microcosm, the new Exotic Heavy Trace that absolutely melts yellow bar enemies, especially those considered shielded. If you enjoy Prismatic, you should explore the Pale Heart and complete quests to find the remaining aspects and fragments. 

Control the powers of Darkness and Light with KontrolFreek’s Destiny 2: The Final Shape Thumbsticks available on Stay up to date withKontrolFreek Blogs for more Destiny 2 news, tips, and guides for The Final Shape, including our full guide for the Salvations Edge Raid! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams to watch some always entertaining Destiny 2 gameplay and enter for chances to win limited edition (and likely sold out) Destiny 2 The Final Shape Gear from SteelSeries and KontrolFreek! 

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