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Hit All the Homers in MLB The Show 21: Home Run Derby Mode

by Brittany Vincent 16 Jul 2021

One of the coolest modes in MLB The Show 21 is Home Run Derby, a single-player and local multiplayer option in which you compete with other players to win the Home Run Derby competition. You can try to take home the gold against AI-controlled players or best your friends. The goal? To see who can knock the most baseballs out of the park with soaring, impressive home runs.

But home runs don't just materialize out of thin air. You need luck -- and skill -- to rack them up and score high. Fortunately, we've got plenty of tips for you to excel in this mode, especially if you snagged the new Home Run Derby Choice Pack from the Show Shop. If you’re looking to make it big in this exciting game mode, we’ve got you covered, all the way down to the KontrolFreek products to help transform your style of play. Batter up! 

Know Your Batters’ Attributes

Keeping players with great attributes around is tantamount to performing well in MLB The Show 21, but especially within the Home Run Derby. The attribute categories include Power, Contact, Discipline, Vision, and Clutch. Power is self-explanatory: how hard can the batter hit? Contact refers to connecting with the ball and putting it in play.

Discipline is a stat that controls how patient and efficient a player is, and how often they swing or know when to try. Vision refers to a player's ability to pick up on the type of pitches as they're delivered. Finally, Clutch is a stat that's all about a batter's ability to hit or put a ball in play during a tight or "clutch" situation. Ensure the batter you have up next has a good mix of these attributes and you should be good to go -- half the work has already been done for you!

Analyze Those Pitches

Obviously, it can be difficult to eyeball a pitch as it whizzes toward you. But you can hold down R2 and see what kinds are in a pitcher's inventory to ready yourself for them. If you're dealing with one that only has two types, for example, you can deduce you will get one or the other, and you'll be better equipped to figure out how to respond when you're stepping up at bat.

If you know what kind of pitch to expect, or at least possible ones, you'll be more inclined to knock one out of the park. This should help keep you on your toes, at the very least, so you’re ready no matter what kind of ball you’re thrown in the future.

Swing, Batter, Swing

Here's the lowdown on swinging when you're at bat. Don't aim for "perfect" swings. Instead, you're going to want to be a bit late -- fashionably late, of course. Swing a bit early on your inside pitches (which you'll start to catch on to) and swing late for your outside pitches. For those whizzing straight down the middle, you should be able to implement these changes as well. Using this strategy, you should start seeing balls being flung outside the stadium bounds at a much higher rate. This may seem like a relatively uncomplicated thing to try, but it really does work.

Choose Your Equipment Wisely

Hitting home runs is difficult all on its own, but it can be even more excruciating if you don't have the right equipment. Be sure to opt for the best possible bats within your inventory, preferably the ones with lucrative hitting attributes.

Ensure you're using the best type of equipment with favorable attributes if you want to make a dent in your total home run count. You'll want higher velocity and better travel length, so find a slugger that works for you and stick with it.

Choose the Right KontrolFreek Products for You

In addition to following the tips above, you can leverage KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks to work for you. Our recommendation is the FPS Freek Inferno (High-Rise Performance Thumbsticks) on your left analog stick, which should give you a bit of added height. As we discussed previously with Koogs46's batting tutorial, they offer more arc distance, which translates to additional, precise movements. This can help alleviate issues where you're not achieving home runs because of your speed or timing.

For the right analog stick, you might want to invest in Mid-Rise Performance Thumbsticks, which will help make you more poised and comfortable. The more comfortable you are with your controller, the better you're going to play. And if you grab the right KontrolFreek gear, you'll improve your game and rack up home runs in no time.

Now get out there and hit as many homers as you can!

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