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KontrolFreek Gift Guide: Upgrade The Holidays For The Gamers In Your Life

by Troy Gloski 30 Nov 2023


If you are looking for the perfect gift for any controller gamer on your list, then we have got some game-changing and affordable products that are sure to put a smile on their face! Whether your gamer plays Fortnite, Call of Duty, Diablo, or Legend of Zelda, we have gifts that will help them upgrade their play at whatever game it is that they love and give them something unique to show off to their friends. There are gifts in this list for every gamer, so ditch the gift cards and let us help you find something that shows you understand them and support the games they are passionate about!



Since our first playthrough of Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Action-Adventure games have provided some of the purest and most memorable gaming experiences of our life. While our products are designed to provide a competitive advantage, Performance Thumbsticks enhance your immersion and gaming experience in Action-Adventure games so much that it’s almost like competing against yourself! Upgrade your controller with a pair of KontrolFreek’s mid-rise Action Adventure thumbsticks and you’ll feel fully in control of your character’s in game movement with all the added grip and your accuracy will improve when aiming your abilities, attacks, and even navigating inventory menus! 



The classic minimalist CQC grip upgrades any controller’s thumbsticks to enhance your Aim and Control while playing Action-Adventure games. These thumbsticks look good with any controller, and while they may look simple, they provide top-of-the line reliable grip! 



The brand-new lotus design enhances the style and grip of any controller while providing superior Aim and Control in Action-Adventure Games. For those who know that style is sometimes half the battle, Lotus has you covered on both halves. This stunning teal flower design on a clear stem will make any controller stand out and the level of grip and control these provide will make you feel like your thumbsticks are connected to your thumbs for full immersion in Action-Adventure games. 



The right equipment makes all the difference in sports games. Whether you are playing FIFA, Madden, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, Tennis, Rocket-League or any other sports game, our low-rise Sports Thumbsticks increase the grip and surface area of your thumbsticks for hall-of-fame control and precision of your player’s in-game movements and shooting/hitting/pitching accuracy. Upgrade your gear to score more and win more with KontrolFreek’s Sports Thumbsticks. 



The brand-new Clutch thumbsticks provide maximum surface area for all-star grip and control of your player’s movement and accuracy while playing Sports games. The sports ball inspired white knob field design locks into the grooves of your thumb for outstanding friction and comfort. 



The Omni thumbsticks upgrade your controller’s grip and comfort to give you elite control and accuracy of your players while playing Sports games. The sports ball inspired orange on white cross hatch design enhances any thumbsticks for more comfort and friction with some eye-catching style. 



If you play First Person Shooter games, you should already know that upgrading your controller with KontrolFreeks will enhance your gaming experience in so many ways. Not only will immediately notice measurable improvements in your K/D and win ratio, but your movement will be smoother, your aim snappier, and you will be turning on your enemies with pinpoint precision. KontrolFreek’s First Person Shooter thumbsticks come in mixed height packs and we encourage players to use a mid-rise on the left stick for enhanced grip and control of movement with a high-rise thumbstick on the right stick for enhanced precision and accuracy while reducing hand strain over long gaming sessions due to the increased arc distance. Hit your shots and win more gunfights with KontrolFreek’s FPS thumbsticks. 




Our bestselling thumbsticks in versatile black reliably upgrade the precision and grip of your controller for top-tier movement control and aiming accuracy while playing First Person Shooter games. 



Our brand-new FPS Frenzy thumbsticks feature an intricate purple grip pattern that locks into your thumb for top-tier movement control and aiming accuracy while playing First Person Shooter games. 



Our FPS Inferno thumbsticks have been helping FPS gamers upgrade their controller for enhanced precision and grip for years, providing top-tier movement control and aiming accuracy while playing First Person Shooter games. 



Aim Boost Kits from KontrolFreek come with everything you need to improve your aim in First Person Shooter and Battle Royale games. Choose between our 3 FPS Performance Thumbsticks: Frenzy, Inferno, and Galaxy (now in black)! Each Kit also comes with 1 of each strength of our Precision Rings: 1 Hard, 1 Medium, and 1 Soft. Choose your kit to upgrade your controller for enhanced accuracy, precision, and control. 



KontrolFreek FPS Performance Thumbsticks come with 1 Mid-Rise Convex stick designed to increase control and accuracy of your movement controls with the left stick. Each pack also comes with 1 High-Rise stick to increase precision for maximum shot accuracy and improved KD. Both sticks increase the arc-distance of your Thumbstick. This decreases the amount force required to make aim adjustments, which can drastically reduce hand strain over long play sessions. KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks make your controller feel like an extension of your hand. 



The other half of this Aim-Boosting super kit are the KonrolFreek Precision Rings. These stretchy yet durable foam rings can be easily applied to any controller’s thumbsticks to enable you to max out your sensitivity while maintaining accuracy and control. These rings make it so the harder you push on your thumbsticks, the more the material will compact to cushion your stick, adding resistance and preventing you from over-shooting your target. Pro players use this to play on higher sensitivities without sacrificing fine aim precision and control. 



If you play shooter games like CS:GO and Call of Duty or battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, FPS Aim Boost Kits from KontrolFreek will drastically improve the way you play. With Performance thumbsticks you will feel more in control and accurate than ever over long play sessions. And with Precision Rings you will open whole new possibilities for aiming settings and be turning on enemies so fast they’ll think you’re cheating!  



Long time members of FreekNation know that Call of Duty is our bread and butter. We made a name for ourselves in the community by showing how Performance Thumbsticks increase your K/D by an average of 26%. We now offer more controller attachments and gaming accessories to improve your game at Call of Duty than ever! Since joining forces with SteelSeries, we are now proud to include Gaming Headset Accessories, Key Caps, and Mousepads in our Call of Duty product offerings. But that’s not all that’s new this year. KontrolFreek is proud to share with you all our first ever set of exclusive Call of Duty No-Slip Thumb Grips. We’re now offering more controller attachments and gaming accessories for Call of Duty than ever before, so whether you’re looking forward to playing some zombies, loading into Warzone with your Squad, or competing in some sweaty multiplayer matches, KontrolFreek has the perfect ways to upgrade your play!  



KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips provide the added grip and comfort, but without the additional height of Performance Thumbsticks. This makes them perfect for gamers who feel comfortable with the shape of their controller and don’t want to change it too much, but still want to upgrade it for more grip, style, and control. No-Slip Thumb Grips are made from a proprietary rubber material to deliver more grip, comfort and control to every game you play. The extra-soft Thumb Grips stay in place during intense gaming and they’re as durable as they are grippy. Improve your grip, maximize your comfort, and show off your style with the Modern Warfare III Limited Edition No-Slip Thumb Grips. 



Performance Thumbsticks are the best controller attachments to improve your accuracy, movement, comfort, and control in any Call of Duty game. They snap right onto any Xbox or Playstation controller to instantly upgrade the grip and increase the arc distance, enabling easier, faster, and more accurate inputs while using less force, which reduces hand strain during long play sessions. When you’re up late grinding out camos or trying to keep that warzone win streak going, you want the added grip and comfort from Performance Thumbsticks. The mid-rise left stick increases upgrades grip to make slide-canceling and diving easier to do while maintaining your aim. The high-rise right stick increases arc distance, enabling you to make finer adjustments to your aim with less force and while playing on higher sensitivities. If you play Call of Duty and you want to upgrade your controller gameplay to the next level, you need to try some Modern Warfare III Performance Thumbsticks! 



For Call of Duty enthusiasts like us, we can’t wait for this time of year. The excitement around the new game and finding the best weapons, perks, attachments, and killstreaks can’t be beat. KontrolFreek’s Modern Warfare III Collectors Edition Performance Thumbsticks come in a Collector’s Call of Duty Loot Crate Case that you can cherish to always remember the hype of this epic game launch! The Thumbsticks included are mixed height with a red Modern Warfare III inspired design on a black stem. The mid-rise left stick increases grip and movement control and the high-rise right stick increases accuracy and precision while aiming. These are the ultimate controller upgrade and collectible for any fan looking to upgrade their play and show off their style and love of Call of Duty! 


These advanced controller grips can fit on controllers from Xbox Series X to PlayStation 5 and everything in between. You can even opt for thinner grips if these aren't the kind the folks you're buying for prefer. They use a combination of materials that offer better grip, comfort, and support. Best of all, you can place them and re-place them on your controllers over and over without leaving any sticky residue. They're moisture wicking and include a honeycomb-stamped polymer outer layer to optimize airflow while maximizing grip. Choose between purple, red, and grip for further customization. 


Pair your Performance Thumbsticks with some Precision Rings. They stretch over your original thumbsticks and sit below any of the products you add to them. The harder you push, the more the material they're made of will compact to cushion your stick and add resistance. This will help you to keep from overshooting your target and keep your aim back in the ballpark it needs to be. The rings' material is resistant to both hand and finger oils, dampens sound, and is quick to retain its original shape. Choose from soft (Green), medium (Purple), and hard (Black) and give a versatile gift that an FPS fan will love. 


It's time to go wireless. The Arctis Nova 7 offers unparalleled wireless freedom. With our Simultaneous Wireless feature, the giftee can mix and match two separate devices with their headset. While their gaming device is connected through lag-free, gaming-grade 2.4GHz, they can use Bluetooth at the same time to connect to their phone or any similar device to take phone calls, listen to music or podcasts, without ever stopping their game.  

That's not all it does, however. The Nova Acoustic System is a premium-quality audio hardware that includes High Fidelity Drivers for pristine sound. What's more, the microphone is a ClearCast Gen 2 Mic. This newest generation of microphones on the Arctis Nova headset is not only excellent quality, but it is completely retractable for a sleek look. Furthermore, with our free Sonar Software, they can enable AI-powered noise cancellation, which is excellent at quieting down any background sounds, almost magically. 

All that comes with great battery life and a high quality, PVD-coated steel headband for durability. With the ComfortMAX System, it's easier than ever to adjust the headset, with various ways to find the perfect fit for the head. The headset is also available in PlayStation and Xbox versions: Arctis Nova 7P Wireless and Arctis Nova 7X Wireless.  

If you know you want to get your gamer an amazing SteelSeries headset, but you are looking for an entry level model that is more affordable, check out the Arctis Nova 1P and Arctis Nova 1X Headsets.  



The Next Generation of KontrolFreek Gaming Cables have arrived. Our new cables have been upgraded with advanced specs to facilitate crystal clear gaming and seamless connectivity while gaming on the next generation of consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well as PS4, Xbox One, PCs and Nintendo Switch. These cables look and feel like premium quality materials, they perform wonderfully, and they are so durable that these will be the only cables you will need for years. KontrolFreek has high quality versions of all the gaming cables you will need! 

12’ 8K Ultra Speed HDMI 2.1 Gaming Cable 

12’ CAT-8 Ethernet Gaming Cable 

12' DisplayPort 1.4 Gaming Cable 

12’ USB A-to-Micro Gaming Cable 

All these cables make amazing stocking stuffers for any gamer that they are sure to get years of use out of. While we’re on the subject of stocking stuffers, KontrolFreek Gaming Lights are a cheap and festive way to brighten up your gamers cave this holiday season.  


All KontrolFreek products make great gifts because most are $50 or less, and they are compact, so they are easy to travel with and stuff into stockings! If you are looking for an amazing gift to wow your gamer, check out a KontrolFreek Aim Boost Kit or an Arctis Nova Headset. You can’t go wrong with any of the gifts in this list, just make sure you know what console your gamer plays on, so you get the right products. If they use a controller on PC, find out who makes that controller. All of our controller accessories work for most controllers but you can refer to our Controller Compatibility Guide to ensure that our controller accessories will work with your gamer’s controller. If you’re looking for gifts for PS5 gamers, check out our Performance Thumbsticks, No-Slip Thumb Grips, Precision Rings, Aim Boost Kits, and Headsets for PS5. If you need gifts for Xbox gamers, consider Performance Thumbsticks, No-Slip Thumb Grips, Precision Rings, Aim Boost Kits and Headsets for Xbox. We have more gifts for Nintendo Switch players than ever, starting with No-Slip Thumb Grips, Performance Thumbsticks for Switch Pro Controllers, Precision Rings, and Gaming Cables! If you don’t know what console or controller they play on, Precision Rings work with all controller joysticks and Gaming Cables can upgrade any setup, even if they don’t play on controller. If you made it this far and you are still unsure what to get your gamer, get the Universal No-Slip Thumb Grips, compatible with most controllers on every console!  

If you are looking for more KontrolFreek product guides as well as controller tips for your favorite games, check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams for opportunities to win free KontrolFreek and SteelSeries products! 

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