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KontrolFreek’s Nintendo Switch Gift Guide

by Sarah Sutherland 16 Nov 2020



Calling all Nintendo Switch fans, if you’re feeling a little neglected after last week’s new console launches, don’t worry, because we still see you here at KontrolFreek. We’ve put together a special gift guide to help you shop for your Nintendo fam, and maybe you’ll even find something for yourself too! 


FPS Freek Vortex Performance Thumbsticks™ for Switch Joy-cons

The bright orange FPS Freek Vortex Performance Thumbsticks for Nintendo Switch includes one domed high-rise stick and a low-rise stick. This versatile combo improves aim and accuracy on your right Joy-Con and adds extra grip and comfort on your left. It’s perfect for any Nintendo Switch game you play and is also compatible with Switch Lite!


Eclipse Performance Thumbsticks™ for Switch Joy-cons

These two low-rise domed thumbsticks in sleek black more than double the surface area of your analog Switch sticks, improving comfort and control while you play your favorite Switch Games. These can be used on both the Switch Joy-Con and Switch Lite. 


FPS Freek Galaxy™ for Switch Pro 

These iconic thumbsticks are beautiful to look at on the Switch Pro, and you have your pick of either purple-on-silver or white-on-white color scheme. This mixed-rise pair has a concave design that perfectly molds to your thumbs. #GalaxyGang 


FPS Freek Inferno™ for Switch Pro 

For the fiery, spirited personalities in your life, you can’t go wrong with the vibrant red-on-black color scheme and thedistinct spiral pattern of the Inferno Performance Thumbsticks. The comfortable spiral pattern adapts to the pressure you put on it, so the harder you play, the harder Inferno works to keep your thumbs from slipping. If you’re looking for a thumbstick that allows for maximum sensitivity levels, the Inferno is for you. 


Performance Grips™ for Switch Pro 

These grips are essential for any long session plays on the Switch Pro. They improve grip and comfort through the moisture-wicking material and a foam cushioning layer that allows your palm to conform to the controller. It’s like a soft memory foam mattress for your hands - what could be better than that?!



Immortals Fenyx Rising™ for Switch 

Looking for a new game to grind? Immortals Fenyx Rising is an upcoming mythological action-adventure where you play as a demi-god on a questo to save the Greek Gods. From battling mythological beasts like Medusa and Cyclops to solving puzzles and exploring a beautifully rendered world map, this game is sure to be an epic fight for the ages. 

Pre-Order here

Customize your Switch with ColorWare

Whether you prefer bright, bold, or natural hues, ColorWare can customize your Switch with over 58 colors to choose from. You even have the ability to choose whether you want a glossy or matte finish. The customization package includes the Switch tablet, Joy-cons, and docking station.Give your Switch some personality, and check out ColorWare!

Nintendo Switch Headsets 

A proper headset is an essential to every setup for the full gameplay experience. These are our recommendations for Nintendo Switch Gaming Headsets for crystal-clear sound and comfortable design. 

SteelSeries Nintendo Gaming Headsets


Looking for even more gifts for the gamers in your life, make sure to check out #TheGamerGift Guide

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