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KontrolFreek Supports Racial Equality for All

by Jessica Tillery 05 Jun 2020

The events around George Floyd and countless others have reaffirmed the need for all of us to reflect, listen and learn from both our colleagues and the FreekNation community. We are committed to the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for racial equality. 

Donate: We are taking immediate and specific action by donating to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund and Campaign Zero. Local to our hometown, Atlanta Solidarity Fund provides resources for peaceful protestors who have been arrested while demonstrating. On a national level, Campaign Zero is focused on ending police brutality.

While monetary support of worthy organizations like these is only a small part of necessary change, we encourage you all to stand with us and do the same, however you can. If you believe there are more ways we can help, we are open to suggestions and listening not just today, but every day. 

Represent: In addition to donations, we promise to continue using our platform and FreekNation to spread positivity and represent inclusivity. We will better represent the Black community through collaborations, content and stories. 

Include: As a company, we will continue to grow internally and add to our mix of an already diverse culture, which represents multiple races, ethnicities and backgrounds. A culture that we lean on every day and call a family. We will take the necessary steps to make sure everyone is represented and every voice is heard within. 

Thank you for allowing us to listen and learn. Together, we can and will make a difference. Silence is not an option.

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