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Madden 22 Tips and Tricks to Take to the Field

by Brittany Vincent 31 Aug 2021
It's like clockwork: another year, another action-packed Madden release. This time around, we're looking at Madden NFL 22, which debuted earlier this month. Available across most current-gen and next-gen consoles as well as PC and Stadia, this is the latest and greatest when it comes to sports games, and fans all around the world are working on grinding to improve their skills on the gridiron. If you're also looking to level up your prowess with the pigskin, look no further. We've got all the tips and tricks you need to take your team to the top.

Gear Up For Greatness

You've just taken your game out of its packaging, popped the disc your console, or you've started downloading the game to your system. Stop what you're doing there -- before you jump into the game, make sure you've got everything you need to play with style and panache. If you want to be at your best performance-wise, you're going to need the best accessories you can get.

We suggest outfitting your favorite controller with a pair of KontrolFreek Performance Grips (in the color of your choice, of course) to reduce slippage when you're running interference or working toward a field goal. They offer optimal superior grip and comfort, and stick to your controller without leaving any sort of sticky residue, while wicking moisture away. With these bad boys on your controller, you'll be sure to improve your game.

Also, while you're at it, try on a pair of our KontrolFreek Omni Performance Thumbsticks, the tried-and-true option for Madden players. They attach easily to your controller's thumbsticks and offer exceptional grip with some added height. With 145% more surface area compared to stock sticks, you get additional support and comfort, which leads to more games you can add to your winning streak. Add both products to your controller for what some may call an unfair advantage.

Spend Time Learning Defensive Plays

Offense is great, but the best offense is a good defense, as they say. Sure, you might be great at offensive plays, but take the time to learn how to approach common routes that can avoid pushing your secondary into losing positions. Study your game and the plays you're employing to find specific formations that will put you in the best position for defense, and understand that sometimes, the game's suggested plays may not be what you're looking for. You're going to want to do some reading and skill training for this, which might take some time, but if you understand what you're looking for and how to implement it, you'll find that defense, more often than not, will help you be on the winning side of an increasing number of games.

Pay Attention to the Stamina System

Madden NFL 22's new stamina system is an important one to make sure you're familiar with if you want to proceed. It's meant to act as a way to reflect real-world players and how they'll (obviously) eventually get tired out there scrambling on the field. You'll want to make some adjustments to it the way it is, however, so you have a bit more leeway with your players. While player stamina numbers go from 1-100 in terms of being winded, having it set at 50 by default is a bit difficult. Your players will start performing badly sooner as they get tired. Set it to around 25 to 30 to make things easier on yourself if you plan on playing for long stretches. You'll find your team is a lot less frustrating to deal with (and less tired.)

Snap Up Rewards in The Yard

The Yard is one of the easiest places to earn useful rewards if you're patient. Jump into this fun mode and start completing challenges left and right to start getting new player cards for Ultimate Team, cosmetics, and a variety of other items that'll make playing Madden NFL 22 an even more pleasant experience. It doesn't require that much work on your part, and many of the challenges are dead simple. It's a great way to make sure you've got plenty of goodies to work with, which could otherwise take some time to amass.

Now that you're equipped with some ideas and tricks to enact in Madden NFL 22, it's time to get out there and start cleaning opposing teams' clocks. Before you know it, you'll be leading a group of superstars on a victory lap -- or wiping the floor with your friends who dare to challenge you. Either way, be sure to rely on KontrolFreek products to get you to where you want to be. We’ve got your (quarter)back.

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