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*UPDATED* Dominating Modern Warfare Season 1: New Maps Overview

by Mason Moreau 20 Dec 2019

Press R1 to Throwback

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 is here! It seems like only last month we were finally taking our baby steps into the game. Well, actually it practically was last month. Time flies. 

Over the course of this first season, we'll be getting a total of six new maps, three of which are ready to be played RIGHT NOW! What's even better is that half of them will be remastered versions of classic maps from the original Modern Warfare. Over on the Activision Games Blog, we got some quick summaries to get us started but after playing some of these maps, we think we have them figured out. Infinity Ward, you're too good to us. 

In typical KontrolFreek blog fashion, we'll be running down how to dominate in all of these maps as they release.

Good luck soldiers of FreekNation! Happy shooting! 


"Port is the site of a supposed major shipment leaving Verdansk. Battle against your enemies among the shipping containers, cranes, buildings, and streets that define this unique addition to the Ground War map rotation." - via Activision Games Blog

How to Dominate Port: Port is the first brand new Ground War Map, but IW is still no stranger to building a compelling map in this setting. With Port, we recommend picking two or three flags near one another on the map and covering them. You can certainly still succeed by traversing the map with vehicles, but If you spend all your time going from flag to flag, you're bound to get caught in some crossfire. It's best to stick with your designated area that covers roughly 1/3 of the map. 

Atrium & Cargo

"The centerpiece of a massive palace inside Verdansk holds a gorgeous atrium that has somehow kept its beauty throughout the war. Don’t admire the scenery too much, however: this palace is an important tactical foothold deep within the city. Gunfights here will take place around this open-air space with a large tree acting as the room’s focal point." - via Activision Games Blog

"The other 2v2 map takes place on the docks of London. With a major shipment set to leave here towards Verdansk, Coalition and Allegiance operators are locked in a Gunfight within the confines of this small, open-roof storage vessel for shipping containers. Wrest control of this dock, and your team will have the honor of stopping these contraband shipments from happening." - via Activision Games Blog

How to dominate Atrium & Cargo: As the two newest installments in a line of impeccable 2v2 maps, Atrium and Cargo are sticking with the classic three-lane map structure that makes Gunfight such an engaging mode. 

Cargo is like a blend between Gulag Showers and King. You'll find yourself succeeding by playing aggressively, hitting your shots, and knowing where the overtime flag is. 

With Atrium, it's a little different. The central mid lane of the map is very wide open, with thin corridors on left and right. Make sure you don't get double-teamed on this wide-open space and be sure to always be on high alert for footsteps. 



"Although this map has a new home in the narrative, Crash is just how veterans of the franchise remember it with a few twists: flanking routes and those memorable rooftops are back, but there are also some new areas to explore that make this town even more realistic than before." - via Activision Games Blog

How to Dominate Crash: Now we arrive at the godfather of Call of Duty maps. Not much has changed about Crash over the years, but the addition of tactical sprint in the new Modern Warfare makes traversal through Crash's main lane - and the iconic chopper centerpiece - much easier. Be on the lookout for tactical sprinters running through mid. If you camp near the rooftops, you won't have any trouble picking them off. 



"The classic office locale from Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® has been reimagined for Modern Warfare’s visceral and photorealistic game engine. Intense interior combat is sure to occur in this abandoned headquarters, so Operators should stay alert." - via Activision Games Blog

How to Dominate Vacant: Oh boy Vacant is a doozy. It's one part CQC map and one part open environment, but ALL parts total multiplayer mayhem. Just like the good old days. With this map, watching your corners is key! Make sure you know the lay of the land and every possible angle an enemy can get the drop on you from. If you pair your superhuman spatial awareness with a loadout spec'd for both CQC and long ranges, you'll be racking up the killstreaks faster than you can say "office hours".


"Another Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare masterpiece returns as a map for both core Multiplayer modes and Gunfight. Its small size was essentially built for Gunfight long before the mode came into existence, and veterans will feel right at home battling amongst the containers. Just be prepared for a fight the second you spawn in; you won’t have to travel far to find your enemy here." via Activision Games Blog 

How to Dominate Shipment: Shipment is a real gem of a map. It's the most pleasantly frenetic, disorienting, and thrilling small-size map that Modern Warfare offers. It's like Vegas: what happens at Shipment, stays at shipment. Anything goes. Which means it's easy to get caught in a spawn-die-repeat loop. To avoid this, we recommend using a loadout with stims (basically making the health regen more in-line with BO4's). If you're REALLY bothered by the craziness that this map creates, just swap over to an LMG and use the spray and pray method.

extra tip: If you're looking to grind weapon skins, Shipment is the perfect map for racking up kills. Believe us, whatever your skill level, your kill count will go up if you play on Shipment

Winter Docks

The Holidays have come to Modern Warfare in a new-themed version of the Gunfight Map, Docks, now entitled: Winter Docks. While this 2v2 playground may have the look of jolly and good cheer, expect a tension-filled fight whenever you hop into a match. - via Activision Games Blog 

How to Dominate Winter Docks: Would you look at that! This fan-favorite Gunfight map is now holiday-themed. Sweet! What we've found with Gunfight maps in general - especially with Docks - communication is key. This means making sure your teammate knows that you're running left, center, or mid and calling out enemies as you spot them. 

Do you have any tips of your own? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. And be sure to check back for updates as the new maps roll out! Til next week, FreekNation!

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