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More Grip, No Slip: Introducing KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips!

by Troy Gloski 11 Apr 2023

Starting April 11th 2023, KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips are now available on FreekNation has been asking for this product for a while and we’ve been perfecting them for a long time, so we’re very proud to finally show off these incredible upgrades for your controllers thumbsticks. For those who aren’t already a part of FreekNation, KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks are our #1 selling controller attachment that add grip and comfort, while improving accuracy and reducing hand strain by increasing the arc distance of the thumbstick, thus requiring less force to manipulate the analog. Performance Thumbsticks come in Low, Medium, or High and can have a Convex, Concave, or Hybrid shape. These options are to facilitate preferences in games you play, hand size, and the way you hold your controller. For example, someone with small hands would often feel more comfortable with low thumb sticks, whereas competitive FPS gamers often prefer higher sticks for the added arc distance and improved accuracy. So far, however, we have lacked solutions for gamers that want to improve the grip of their controllers, but don’t want any of the added height of even our low performance thumbsticks. 

no slip thumb grips

KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips provide the added grip and comfort, but without the additional height of Performance Thumbsticks. This makes them perfect for gamers who feel comfortable with the shape of their controller and don’t want to change it too much, but still want to upgrade it for more grip, style, and control. No-Slip Thumb Grips are made from a proprietary rubber material to deliver more grip, comfort and control to every game you play. The extra-soft Thumb Grips stay in place during intense gaming and they’re as durable as they are grippy. Improve your grip, maximize your comfort, and show off your style with the 8-packs for Xbox, Playstation, and Universal. If you’ve ever played games at your friends house and been handed the “bad controller” with the completely worn down thumbsticks with no grip, then you know how much of an impact something like that can have on your gaming experience. KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips can revitalize and upgrade the control and grip of almost any thumbsticks on any controller. 

universal no slip thumb grips

KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grips are the easiest way to upgrade your controller. The extra-grippy material and design create the perfect amount of friction between your thumb and the joystick to provide optimal comfort and control. Applying them to your current thumbstick is as simple as turning the thumb grip inside out, place it directly on top of the stick, and then flip it back to right side out while securing the sides over the edge of the stick. In just a few seconds your thumbstick can be upgraded from a slippery annoyance that gets you killed to an amazing tool that feels so connected it’s like an extension of your finger. 

We’re so excited to finally share these amazing Thumb Grips with you on We’re currently offering 3 different 8-Packs, each for $12.99. Our PlayStation Pack contains two black, two white, two teal, and two blue Thumb Grips.

ps5 thumb grips

The Xbox Pack also has 2 blacks and 2 whites, and then 2 dark greens and 2 light greens.  

xbox one thumb grips

Finally, the Universal Pack has a set of black Thumb Grips and then a set that corresponds to the colors of each of the major consoles, red for Switch, green for Xbox, and blue for PlayStation 

universal controller thumb grips

These packs are designed for you to show off your console pride on your controller, but the Thumb Grips are all universal. This means that if you want to rock the teal Thumb Grips on your Xbox or Switch Pro controller, you can absolutely do that. With 7 new Thumb Grips colors to mix and match with, you now have plenty of ways to upgrade the look of your controller! Stay tuned to KontrolFreek social media channels for more information on Thumb Grips for Switch Pro and Joy-Con in the coming weeks! 

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