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Sekiro Guide: The Shortcut to More Prayer Beads and Gourd Seeds

by Mason Moreau 19 Apr 2019

A True Shinobi is Frugal

Hey FreekNation! This post is going to be quick, because we have to get back to playing Sekiro as soon as possible. Currently at the KontrolFreek HQ, Sekiro is life. We know we're a little bit late to the party, but we discovered a quick tip about the in-game economy that essentially creates an in-game savings account. 

For those of you who haven't played the game yet, first of all get on that, but secondly, like many FromSoftware games, you lose resources when you die. Unlike Dark Douls and Bloodborne, in Sekiro you permanently lose money (sen) when you die. So naturally when you end up dying over and over to a boss, it starts to chip away at the amount of money you have; making it much harder to pick up prayer beads and gourd seeds when you find a new merchant. 

BUT there's a quick workaround to this mechanic in the form of coin purses! When you find yourself with a whole bunch of sen that you absolutely do not want to lose, head over to your nearest merchant (make sure you remember where they are!) and invest it all in various coin purses. They do cost more to purchase than what you want to put into them, but its well worth not having to worry about losing your money.

Coin purses are consumable items that when used the amount of sen you're holding increases by various amounts depending on the size of the purse. So buying coin purses essentially stops you from losing money after you die. 

Most merchants in Sekiro are selling one set of Prayer Beads and one Gourd Seed, but they are expensive items. Making sure you're keeping your Sen safe and sound in your inventory is a very simple and effective way to boost your stats and ultimately make the game just a tiny bit easier. But with Sekiro, we'll pretty much take all the help we can get. 

Maybe you're smarter than us and have already discovered this trick, or maybe you're still learning the Shinobi way. Regardless, with FromSoftware games, sharing helpful hints is part of the experience, and we had to take a moment to help our fellow posture-breaking maniacs out here on the interwebs. 

Anyway, we're diving back into Sekiro, and you should too. Happy sword fighting!

How are you enjoying Sekiro? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to remember the legend of Reggie Fils-Aime.

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