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Our Performance Thumbsticks® are made from the highest quality material, but nothing lasts forever. Make sure your thumbsticks are as sharp as your skills, or upgrade to a fresh pair, because nothing beats that new thumbstick feel.



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Why upgrade?

Performance Thumbsticks are made from a unique composite material. Over time, wear and exposure to the natural oils on your thumbs will reduce the elasticity of that material, making the surface smoother, less flexible, and less equipped to give you the advantage you deserve.

Some of these Performance Thumbsticks have been with us since the beginning, and some are just owned by hardcore fans, but all of them deserve to be retired!

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Whether it's time to upgrade your Performance Thumbstick or you just need to fit a new game, explore below or check out our Buyers Guide to receive a personalized selection and get back to your game.


30% More Range

Best for Sports
& RPG games

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90% More Range

Best for

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120% More Range

Best for
FPS & TPS games

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