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Three Creative Ways to Use Octane's Jump Pad in Apex Legends

by Mason Moreau 22 Mar 2019

Hi, Octane! 

The highly anticipated (and frequently leaked) first new legend is here! His name is Octane, and apparently his story has something to do with blowing off his legs while speed running... Pretty sweet. We love his character design especially since it reminds us of a character from one of our favorite series that will remain nameless (hint: rhymes with porter-cans). But what we absolutely didn't expect since the release of season 1 was just how ridiculously creative you can get with his ultimate: the jump pad. 

So we decided to list out a few of the most absurd things that you can do using Octane's jump pad.

Prank your teammates 

My girlfriend took my energy ammo, so I took her life. Ignore my laugh pls from r/apexlegends

Yeah, it may keep you from winning, but hey, it's funny! Don't believe us? Try it! Drop a jump pad behind your teammate as they're walking backwards, send them disoriented and flying across the map, and tell us it's not funny.

Gibraltar Shield Bounce

If you're more serious about your Apex Legends then this one may be for you. If you aim it correctly, you can actually bounce Gibraltar's bubble shield off of the jump pad. This is particularly useful if you want to get out of a firefight quickly and need protection when you land. 

Makeshift Shooting Range 

PULL! from r/apexlegends 

This one is honestly a combination of the amusement you get from #1 and the practicality of #2. If youever find yourself in a scenario where there are downed enemies around you, take the time to drop a jump pad near where they're crawling. Once they trigger the jump pad, they'll go flying through the air and BAM! Makeshift shooting range. It's an amusing and badass way to flex on your enemies. 

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Do you have any sweet tricks for Octane's Jump pad ability? Make sure to post your favorites in the comments below! Meanwhile, take a look at our impressions of Stadia. Til next week, FreekNation! 

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