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Best Fennec 45 Loadout for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 and DMZ

by Troy Gloski 09 Jan 2023

KontrolFreek has your six with the best weapon loadouts and tunings for Warzone 2.0 and DMZ. Next up in our Warzone 2.0 Gun Guide series is the beastly submachine gun, the Fennec 45. Pair this with a long-range AR or LMG like the RPK and you will be winning close range gunfights and wiping squads much easier in Al Mazrah. Whether you are playing Solos, Duos, Trios, or Quads, everyone needs to try this weapon as it just melts enemies up close, and with all the buildings and campers in Warzone 2.0, a lot of gunfights are happening within that close range that this weapon dominates. What makes this weapon special can also be its greatest weakness if you use the wrong attachments or you aren’t cognizant of your reloads; the rate of fire and base ammo capacity are both factors we are going to have to work around with attachments, while tuning those attachments to make the weapon as quick and snappy as an smg should be. 

Fennec 45


The first and most important attachment you absolutely need on your Fennec 45 is the 45 Round Magazine. Unless you are using this weapon in Tier 1 multiplayer or you hit nothing but headshots, you will need the extra bullets in the magazine to down your enemies in Warzone 2.0 and DMZ. The 45-round magazine, while necessary, does have some major downsides that we will mitigate with our other attachments to keep this smg feeling snappy and quick.

Fennec Mag 45 

In the muzzle category, we’re going to throw on the FORGE DX90-F silencer. This is going to keep us off the radar when we fire, while adding recoil smoothness, but with a minimally negative impact to Damage Range, which is fine because you are going to be using this gun for close quarters combat, and we want to avoid some of the other heavier silencers that add damage range and bullet velocity at the cost of mobility and snappiness. 

EXF Solarflare

For lasers, we use the EXF SOLARFLARE for increased Sprint to Fire Speed and Aiming Stability at the cost of a visible flashlight to enemies. This attachment can be switched out for another if you prefer but we really want to improve the Sprint to Fire Speed. 

In the stock category, we recommend the AGILE ASSAULT T-7 STOCK, which provides a lot of mobility benefits to Sprint Speed, Aim Down Sight Speed, Crouch Movement Speed, and Aim Down Sight Speed, while negatively impacting Aiming Stability and Recoil control, both of which are not going to make a huge difference if you are using this weapon correctly in close quarters. 

Lastly, in the Rear Grip section, we use the FENNEC RUBBER GRIP for increased Sprint to Fire Speed and Aim Down Sight Speed while negatively impacting Recoil Control.  

Attachment Tuning 

Forge DX90-F

We tuned the FORGE DX90-F silencer for faster Aim Down Sight Speed (-1.40 oz) and increased Bullet Velocity (+1.00 in). 

LE Assault-7 Stock

For the AGILE ASSAULT T-7 STOCK and we increased Aim Down Sight Speed (-4.00 oz) and improved Aim Walking Speed (-2.40 in). 

Fennec Rubber Grip

Lastly, we tuned the FENNEC RUBBER GRIP for faster Aim Down Sight Speed (-1.00 oz) and quicker Sprint to Fire Speed (-0.45). 

If you are playing on controller and having any trouble hitting your shots, try some KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks. They increase control and accuracy while reducing hand strain by increasing the arc distance for your joystick. This enables you to make fine adjustments to your aim more accurately while applying less pressure with your thumbs. Pick up the Modern Warfare II Performance Thumbsticks to show off your love for this game and you’ll also get an in-game code for an exclusive animated calling card! 


If you’ve ever watched a killcam of an enemy sniper turning and locking on to you at inhuman speeds and though, “How can they play on that high of a sensitivity?!” then we have the perfect controller upgrade to take your game to the next level. KonrolFreek Precision Rings can be added to any controller thumbsticks to enable you to max out your sensitivity while maintaining accuracy and control. These rings make it so the harder you push on your thumbsticks, the more the material will compact to cushion your stick, adding resistance and preventing you from over-shooting your target. 

If you are just getting started in Warzone 2.0, or DMZ, you should check out our Warzone 2.0 Controller Tips and Settings Guide. If you want to see more gun guides like this, we’ll be talking a lot more about Warzone 2.0 in the coming months, so keep up with KontrolFreek Blogs for the latest guides, rankings, and pro player recommendations for Warzone 2.0 and all your other favorite games! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future guides please let us know in the comments or on Twitter. If you aren’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams for some always entertaining gameplay and opportunities to win free KontrolFreek and SteelSeries products! 

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