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How Gearbox is Changing Up Borderlands 3's Weapons in Crazy Ways

by Mason Moreau 03 May 2019

Sophisticated Weapons for an Uncivilized Age

This week's Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal was our first REALLY meaty look at how the game looks and plays. And we gotta say, we're pretty impressed. BL3 looks like it's shaping up to do the same upgrade to the Borderlands formula that BL2 was, and at the center of it all, is the guns. 

For those of you who are brand new to Borderlands, gearbox literally invented the Looter Shooter with their procedurally generated gun engine. The games literally have hundreds of millions of guns that, within the context of the story, were "manufactured" by the game's fictitious brands. Whichever brand your gun is, you know what to expect in terms of its features. 

For instance, Tediore guns explode like grenades when they need to be reloaded, so your character will throw the weapon forward to reload. Maliwan guns generally do some sort of elemental damage. You get the point. 

During the gameplay reveal, they gave us a sneak peek at what we can expect from the weapons in Borderlands 3, and let us just say, it's awesome. 

Here's everything we know so far about the changes to guns coming to Borderlands 3. 

Alternate Fire Modes

What's seen as a pretty fun feature in plenty of shooters has made its way into Borderlands. Some guns in BL3 come with two fire modes, but Gearbox didn't stop there. In very Borderlands fashion, the alternate modes are also essentially an alternate weapon. You'll have pistols that shoot rockets, shotguns that launch grenades, SMGs that have a shotgun and we're sure there are many more surprises in store that we haven't even seen yet. 

Holo-Shield Shotguns

Another new gun we saw in the new gameplay reveal was a Hyperion shotgun that puts up a shield when you aim down sights. Seem familiar? This is exactly what Gibraltar does in Apex Legends. And we're ready for that to carry over into Borderlands. 

Guns With... Legs?

And last but not least, one of the zaniest new additions to Borderlands 3 are guns that walk. Remember the Tediore guns we talked about? The ones that explode when they reload? Well, the way these walking guns work is very simila. Except when you run out of ammo, the gun becomes a tiny walking turret. A sophisticated weapon for a more civilized age indeed. 

Are you as stoked for Borderlands 3's weapons as we are? Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments! 

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