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Esports Ascenders: 3 Esports Orgs Making Waves Right Now

by Mason Moreau 08 May 2019

These are Some Ascenders Worth Paying Attention To

Not too long ago, KontrolFreek announced its Esports Ascenders program; a program dedicated to sponsoring up-and-coming organizations that could benefit from the exposure and resources that our brand can provide. 

Since launch, we've seen plenty of teams sign up for Ascenders, and we've been watching them closely! 

So here are the three Esports Ascenders organizations that, from our point of view, are red hot right now! 



After suffering a disappointing failure to qualify for the CWL Pro League, MindFreak has been killing it at the CWL Open Events. In true underdog fashion, this group of aussies blazed their way on through their competition to become the 1st place open bracket winners at CWL London and 2nd place at CWL Fort Worth. 

Here's to hoping MindFreak continues on this streak at CWL Anaheim and maybe gets another shot at the big time! 


Mazer Gaming

We saw the potential in Mazer Gaming start to show during the Pro League Qualifiers.

While they're no MindFreak, Mazer Gaming has shown immense promise. Placing 9th - 12th at the CWL London Open as a young Org, they're certainly a team to watch when looking for lesser known teams with talent that could one day hit the main stage. 

It's worth noting, that they also know the importance of branching out to other games, with a presence in Gears of War Esports as well! 



J4L has been killing it in the Opens recently! They just came out of back to back Helix Esports Tournament wins on top of a CWL 1K Sunday 5v5 tournament. Proportionate to their following and success, J4L are the hottest team on this list. 

To top it all off, they just raised over 5k last month for the children's hospital. Among all this winning, J4L are still taking the time to give back, which we love to see!

Are you actively seeking out a sponsorship for your up and coming team? Click here to apply to Esports Ascenders!

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