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Can’t wait for Call of Duty: WWII? Join our real-life battle now!

by Ashish Mistry 28 Apr 2017

Attention FreekNation! KontrolFreek® wants you to enlist for Tank Wars.
Call of Duty: WWII has finally been revealed, and the next chapter of CoD is going back to the roots of the series. To celebrate, We has released the FPS Freek Call of Duty: Heritage Edition, a rugged pair of performance thumbsticks we designed for the game. We even etched a WWII-era star on the top. This logo was often found tagged on WWII-era tanks, which got our crew talking. We’re pretty good at driving tanks in game – but what about in real life? While we wait for Call of Duty: WWII to release this November, we’ve decided to get our boots back on the ground with a brand new event: Tank Wars!

What is Tank Wars?
At KontrolFreek, we’re all about improving performance, and we love competition. Tank Wars is no exception.  We enlisted our friends Ali-A and TmarTn to compete with one lucky fan and and their friend in a series of World War II-themed activities ranging from driving a tank and crushing cars to shooting machine guns. From now through May 10, wannabe contestants can enter here for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in Tank Wars with Ali-A and TmarTn in three battles judged by Kosdff of Team Kaliber:

Battle 1: Control
There are few things more synonymous (or badass) with World War II combat than the iconic battle-tank. Highly-loaded and ready for anything, tanks crawled the warzone and could change the tide of battle across the western front. As we said, they were also often branded with the same star logo you’ll find on our Heritage Edition Performance Thumbsticks. While our thumbsticks will help your control in game, get behind the wheel of an advanced war-machine to see if you can maneuver the field in real life.

Battle 2: Grip
One of the coolest things about tanks? They crush things. Big things. Like cars. Grab the wheel, get a grip on a waiting car, and find out how small you can make it. The team with the smallest car at the end will win. Grip is as critical in this destructive challenge as it is when you are pushing your kill streak higher and higher.


Battle 3: Accuracy
Sure you might be the best shot with an AR in Call of Duty (and with our Heritage Edition thumbsticks, you will be!) but put your accuracy to the test with a fully automatic machine gun! This challenge will have you squaring off against the opposing team to see who has the precision to take the win. Just like in CoD, firing from the hip is not recommended.


Why are you still here?

Don’t miss your chance to take part in this epic competition. Enlist for Tank Wars here and we hope to see you on the battlefield!


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