This Game Needs an Intervention

Just as many developers like to do, Infinity Ward surprised everyone with tease reveal for Modern Warfare's multiplayer by streaming live with a few of their favorite gaming personalities. Were we watching? You bet your ass we were. and we LOVED what we saw. Even if it was only an hour and a half. 

Before we jump into our biggest question, here a few of our impressions of the game: 

1. The game 100% looks like a Modern Warfare title

2. A Full Multiplayer Reveal Event is Happening on August 1, 2019

3. They've ditched the fast-paced acrobatics for the slower, more intense firefights that are so indicative of the MW series. (Don't believe us? Try going back and playing COD4)


Now for the Burning Question: 

(DISCLAIMER: Before you jump all over us like we just announced Half Life 3, we know that quick scoping technically never left. Just read on to see what we're on about...)

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After having our eyes glued to every detail for an hour and a half, one thing we noticed was that the A.D.S. animation for the sniper seems tailor-made for something the series has become well-known for. Say with us kids! 

Quick Scoping

For those of you who are unaware, quick scoping is the act of timing a sniper rifle's A.D.S. animation. If timed correctly, you should be able to see the aiming reticle within the scope before your character fully zooms in. This tiny window exists for only a few frames, but if you're able to react quick enough you can fire a shot. Essentially turning a long-range sniper rifle into an extremely effective CQC weapon.

To call quick scoping a phenomenon would be an understatement. People were uploading insane montages and how-to's to YouTube, earning millions of views. Sniper-only private matches suddenly became less of a joke and more of an intense test to see who has the best reaction time.

Quick scoping certainly didn't start with the MW series; didn't end with it either. But in terms of game series where it was simply just extremely satisfying to pull off, Modern Warfare takes the cake. It's arguably one of the things that gave the series its pedigree. Not to mention, Modern Warfare 2 gave us what we believe to be the most satisfying sniper for Quick Scoping: The Intervention.


It wasn't a universally accepted tactic, though. Throughout the years there have been countless balance patches that attempt to level the playing field. After all, who likes to play a game where you keep getting one-shotted by some 8 year old sniper savant?   

But whichever way you lean, Quick Scoping is in Modern Warfare's DNA. If Infinity Ward truly did keep it in mind when developing this game, then we can't wait to see what else they decided to include. Not that we had any doubts, but this past live stream was an indicator that Infinity Ward certainly still knows what they're doing. 

That's all folks! Did you watch the stream? Let us know what you picked up on in the comments below! Also don't forget to practice your quick scoping with our Modern Warfare A.D.S. Performance Thumbsticks! 

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