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Diablo IV Leveling Builds and Tips to Prepare for Season One

by Troy Gloski 03 Jul 2023

The gates of hell are open and Sanctuary is calling! Diablo IV is now available, and it is incredibly fun and complex. But don’t worry, KontrolFreek is your guardian angel with the best equipment, settings, and gameplay recommendations to help you prepare for your epic fights against countless demonic hoards for control of Sanctuary in the latest installment of the beloved Diablo franchise! In this article we’re going to provide a build recommendations for levels 1-50 for each of the five classes in Diablo IV. 

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Builds for Each Class 

Now that you’ve upgraded your controller and the rest of your gaming setup, you’re ready to hop into Diablo IV and start conquering the hoards of Sanctuary. Before that however, you need to select your class, and while you are deciding that you may want to look at what combat looks like for that class while leveling and at higher levels. If you are playing on World Tier 1 for your first character, which we recommend, you have some freedom to experiment with skills and find a build that is fun for you. The builds we provide are not the only meta builds for each class and by no means should you feel limited to these skills, but if you want to take advantage of some of the most potent mechanic/combos for each class here are our recommendations: 


Sorcerers are the classic mage spellcasters of Diablo IV. This class has ranged and AOE abilities for all the elements. If you want to freeze groups of enemies and then explode them with Fire or Ice spells than Sorcerer is the class for you. They tend to be more glass cannons however and can have survivability problems in more challenging content. Sorcerers can also use enchantments to gain passive bonuses. 

Build: Ice Shards 

Spells: Teleport, Frost Nova, Ice Armor, Inferno, Ice Shards, Frost Bolt 

Level 1-50 

  1. N/A 
  2. Frost Bolt 
  3. Enhanced Frost Bolt 
  4. Ice Shards 
  5. Glinting Frost Bolt 
  6. Enhanced Ice Shards 
  7. Destructive Ice Shards 
  8. Teleport 
  9. Frost Nova 
  10. Ice Armor 
  11. Ice Shards 
  12. Ice Shards 
  13. Hydra 
  14. Enhanced Frost Nova 
  15. Mystical Frost Nova 
  16. Ice Shards 
  17. Ice Shards 
  18. Glass Cannon 
  19. Glass Cannon 
  20. Glass Cannon 
  21. Enhanced Teleport 
  22. Shimmering Teleport 
  23. Align the Elements 
  24. Protection 
  25. Enhanced Ice Shards 
  26. Respec Destructive Ice Shards to Greater Ice Shards 
  27. Respec Hydra for Inferno 
  28. Prime Inferno 
  29. Permafrost 
  30. Hoarfrost 
  31. Hoarfrost 
  32. Hoarfrost 
  33. Fire Bolt 
  34. Precision Magic 
  35. Precision Magic 
  36. Precision Magic 
  37. Avalanche 
  38. Icy Touch 
  39. Icy Touch 
  40. Icy Touch 
  41. Icy Veil 
  42. Snap Freeze 
  43. Snap Freeze 
  44. Snap Freeze 
  45. Frigid Breeze 
  46. Frigid Breeze 
  47. Frigid Breeze 
  48. Devastation 
  49. Elemental Dominance 
  50. Elemental Dominance 
  51. Elemental Dominance 
  52. Protection 

Enchantments: Ice Shards (Lvl 15), Fire Bolt (Lvl 30) 

Aspects: Get Piercing Cold early 


Rogues are the fastest class, with a lot of skills to quickly get around the battlefield, avoid attacks, and deal massive damage from melee and ranged attacks. This class is arguably the fastest to level due to how quickly you can get around the map, which makes a big difference before you get a mount. Rogues can infuse their attacks with poison, cold, or shadow damage with Imbuements. 

Build: Twisting Blades 

Skills: Puncture, Twisting Blades, Poison Trap, Dark Shroud, Shadow Step, Dash 

  1. N/A 
  2. Puncture 
  3. Enhanced Puncture 
  4. Twisting Blades 
  5. Enhanced Twisting Blades 
  6. Fundamental Puncture 
  7. Advanced Twisting Blades 
  8. Dash 
  9. Shadow Step 
  10. Twisting Blades 
  11. Twisting Blades 
  12. Twisting Blades 
  13. Poison Trap 
  14. Dark Shroud 
  15. Enhanced Dark Shroud 
  16. Subverting Dark Shroud 
  17. Twisting Blades 
  18. Poison Trap 
  19. Poison Trap 
  20. Poison Trap 
  21. Poison Trap 
  22. Exploit 
  23. Exploit 
  24. Exploit 
  25. Adrenaline Rush 
  26. Haste 
  27. Haste 
  28. Haste 
  29. Weapon Mastery 
  30. Weapon Mastery 
  31. Weapon Mastery 
  32. Enhanced Shadow Step 
  33. Enhanced Dash 
  34. Enhanced Poison Trap 
  35. Momentum 
  36. Subverting Poison Trap 
  37. Methodical Shadow Step 
  38. Disciplined Dash 
  39. Malice 
  40. Malice 
  41. Malice 
  42. Trap Mastery 
  43. Trap Mastery 
  44. Trap Mastery 
  45. Deadly Venom 
  46. Deadly Venom 
  47. Deadly Venom 
  48. Sturdy 
  49. Siphoning Strikes 
  50. Sturdy 

Spec: Inner Sight (Lvl 20) 

Aspect: Unlock Bladedancer’s Aspect early 


Necromancers are widely considered to be a great starter class in Diablo IV because they can summon a lot of minions to aid them in combat. This helps Necromancers stay alive by drawing aggro away and they can kill enemies pretty effectively. Some of the most potent Necromancer builds forgo the summons to use more poison and bone powers. The build we’re going to recommend is a classic Necromancer summon build that utilizes one of their most powerful spells, Bone Spear. 

Build: Bone Spear Summoner 

Spells: Bone Splinters, Bone Spear, Corpse Tendrils, Army of the Dead, Raise Skeleton, Golem 

  1. N/A 
  2. Bone Splinters 
  3. Enhanced Bone Splinters 
  4. Bone Spear 
  5. Enhanced Bone Spear 
  6. Supernatural Bone Spear 
  7. Initiate's Bone Splinters 
  8. Corpse Explosion 
  9. Enhanced Corpse Explosion 
  10. Bone Spear 
  11. Bone Spear 
  12. Bone Spear 
  13. Bone Spear 
  14. Grim Harvest 
  15. Grim Harvest 
  16. Grim Harvest 
  17. Blood Mist 
  18. Corpse Tendrils 
  19. Enhanced Corpse Tendrils 
  20. Plagued Corpse Tendrils 
  21. Respec Supernatural Bone Spear for Paranormal Bone Spear 
  23. Paranormal Bone Spear 
  24. Skeletal Warrior Mastery 
  25. Skeletal Warrior Mastery 
  26. Skeletal Warrior Mastery 
  27. Skeletal Mage Mastery 
  28. Skeletal Mage Mastery 
  29. Respec Enhanced Corpse Explosion for Skeletal Mage  
  30. Respec Corpse Explosion for Army of the Dead 
  31. Prime Army of the Dead 
  32. Supreme Army of the Dead 
  33. Bonded in Essence 
  34. Death's Defense 
  35. Golem Mastery 
  36. Golem Mastery 
  37. Golem Mastery 
  38. Inspiring Leader 
  39. Hellbent Commander 
  40. Ossified Essence 
  41. Hellbent Commander 
  42. Hellbent Commander 
  43. Inspiring Leader 
  44. Bonded in Essence 
  45. Hewed Flesh 
  46. Hewed Flesh 
  47. Hewed Flesh 
  48. Fueled by Death 
  49. Fueled by Death 
  50. Fueled by Death 
  51. Unliving Energy 
  52. Imperfectly Balanced 
  53. Imperfectly Balanced 
  54. Imperfectly Balanced 

Aspects: Unlock Splintering Aspect early 


Druid is a hybrid class that can shapeshift into beasts and use spells to do ranged and melee damage. Druids can transform into Werewolf to move fast, close the gap, and deal poison damage. Druids have overpowered attacks with increased damage at the cost of mobility while in Werebear form. Similar to Sorcerer, Druids also have Lightning spells to control the battlefield. 

Build: Werebear Pulverize 

Spells: Storm Strike, Pulverize, Poison Creeper, Trample, Blood Howl, Earthen Bulwark 

  1. N/A 
  2. Storm Strike 
  3. Storm Strike 
  4. Enhanced Storm Strike 
  5. Tornado 
  6. Pulverize 
  7. Respec Tornado for Enhanced Pulverize 
  8. Pulverize 
  9. Fierce Storm Strike 
  10. Blood Howl 
  11. Enhanced Blood Howl 
  12. Innate Blood Howl 
  13. Pulverize 
  14. Pulverize 
  15. Poison Creeper 
  16. Wolves 
  17. Clarity 
  18. Clarity 
  19. Pulverize 
  20. Respec Wolves for Trample 
  21. Enhanced Trample 
  22. Earthen Bulwark 
  23. Enhanced Poison Creeper 
  24. Ferocious Poison Creeper 
  25. Natural Trample 
  26. Enhanced Earthen Bulwark 
  27. Quickshift 
  28. Quickshift 
  29. Quickshift 
  30. Defiance 
  31. Natural Disaster 
  32. Resonance 
  33. Resonance 
  34. Resonance 
  35. Heart of the Wild 
  36. Wild Impulses 
  37. Earthen Might 
  38. Wild Impulses 
  39. Wild Impulses 
  40. Preserving Earthen Bulwark 
  41. Raging Pulverize 
  42. Predatory Instinct 
  43. Predatory Instinct 
  44. Predatory Instinct 
  45. Iron Fur 
  46. Iron Fur 
  47. Iron Fur 
  48. Heightened Senses 
  49. Heightened Senses 
  50. Heightened Senses 
  51. Natural Disaster 
  52. Natural Disaster 

Aspects: Get Ursine Horror Aspect early 


Barbarians are the classic tanky melee class in Diablo IV. These brutes charge headlong into battle screaming at the top of their lungs and waving around massive weapons with reckless abandon. Barbarians can equip more weapons for more stat bonuses and aspects and they easily swap weapons mid-fight to perform bludgeons, slashes, and stabs and other special weapon based attacks. The build we are going through focuses on the barbarian’s all-purpose “spin to win” attack, Whirlwind. 

Build: Whirlwind  

  1. N/A 
  2. Lunging Strike 
  3. Enhanced Lunging Strike 
  4. Whirlwind 
  5. Enhanced Whirlwind 
  6. Furious Whirlwind 
  7. Battle Lunging Strike 
  8. Rallying Cry 
  9. Enhanced Rallying Cry 
  10. Tactical Rallying Cry 
  11. Whirlwind 
  12. Whirlwind 
  13. Leap 
  14. Enhanced Leap 
  15. Power Leap 
  16. War Cry 
  17. Enhanced War Cry 
  18. Death Blow 
  19. Enhanced Death Blow 
  20. Fighter's Death Blow 
  21. Whirlwind 
  22. Whirlwind 
  23. Booming Voice 
  24. Raid Leader 
  25. Booming Voice 
  26. Respec Fighter's Death Blow for Blooming Voice 
  27. Respec Enhanced Death Blow for Hamstring 
  28. Respec Death Blow for Wrath of the Berserker 
  29. Prime Wrath of the Berserker 
  30. Supreme Wrath of the Berserker 
  31. Aggressive Resistance 
  32. Battle Fervor 
  33. Battle Fervor 
  34. Battle Fervor 
  35. Prolific Fury 
  36. Prolific Fury 
  37. Prolific Fury 
  38. Mighty War Cry 
  39. Respec Battle Lunging Strike for Unconstrained 
  40. Raid Leader 
  41. Raid Leader 
  42. Pit Fighter 
  43. Pit Fighter 
  44. Pit Fighter 
  45. Pressure Point 
  46. Pressure Point 
  47. Pressure Point 
  48. Heavy Handed 
  49. Heavy Handed 
  50. Heavy Handed 
  51. No Mercy 
  52. No Mercy 
  53. No Mercy 
  54. Thick Skin 

Aspects: Get the Dire Whirlwind Aspect early 

Leveling Tips 

Using these builds as a guide will help you beat the campaign and level up to level 50, but don’t feel like you have to rush or use the meta builds right away. One of the beautiful things about Diablo is there are so many ways to play any of these classes, so feel free to try out skills and builds outside of the ones we listed here! 

Diablo IV is a massive game with a lot of information to take in, so online resources can be very useful to help you build your collections and manage your time to get the most out of your playing experience. One of our favorite tools to use is This site has an awesome interactive map that allows you to track your progress as you collect valuable chest, altars, and quest items around the map. They also have plenty of build recommendations like the ones we shared in this article for Leveling, Midgame, and Endgame.  

Diablo IV’s first seasonal content is going to launch sometime next month and when it does all players will need to start a new character to be able to play the seasonal content. As such, don’t worry too much about grinding to level 100 and getting the best gear to prepare for new content. Here are some things you should focus on doing before Season One: 

  1. Play the Main Quests and Unlock Mounts 

Once you unlock mounts for one character you can easily get them on another character, making questing that much faster. 

  1. Visit Every Altar of Lilith 

Altars of Lilith are scattered around the map and each provide a stat bonus to all of your characters on all classes. This means when the new season starts your new character will have all of the stat bonuses from any Altars of Lilith you’ve found before then. Use the interactive map on to search for any altars around you and track which ones you’ve already visited. 

  1. Renown and Map Discovery 

As you are exploring the map, completing missions, and visiting Altars of Lilith, you will be acquiring Renown for each of the regions you are in. Collecting the rewards for the tiers of renown you reach in each region will earn you bonus potions, stats, and other boosts to make your character more powerful. Your Renown will reset when Season One starts, except the renown earned for visiting Altars of Lilith. Additionally, areas of the map that you’ve uncovered will remain so after the seasonal reset. 

If you’re struggling with anything in Diablo IV like what class or build to pick, leave us a comment or ask us in one of KontrolFreek's Twitch Streams. And please, if you’ve been thinking about getting something from the Diablo IV Limited Edition Collection from KontrolFreek and SteelSeries, don’t hesitate and get the Best Diablo IV loot before it’s gone!  

Check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest Diablo IV and gaming news. Join our Twitch streams for some always entertaining gameplay and opportunities to win free KontrolFreek and SteelSeries Diablo IV products! Some lucky viewers will win a complete kit with the entire collection of KontrolFreek and SteelSeries products, so you don’t want to miss any KontrolFreek streams this month! 

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