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Everything You Wanted To Know About KontrolFreek's Aim Boost Kits For PlayStation 5, Switch, And Xbox Series X|S * (But Weren't Afraid To Ask)

by Paul Semel 27 May 2022

Like the systems themselves, the controllers that come with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and the pro controller for the Nintendo Switch, are the most advanced ever made, loaded with features that put you in control of whatever kind of soldier, vehicle, or fuzzy animal you can imagine. But as impressive as they may be, there's always room for improvement, especially when you consider that they're made for normal gamers, not the most elite.

 It's for the most demanding of gamers that we here at KontrolFreek make our Aim Boost Kits, which add comfort and accuracy to all three systems by making your already impressive Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation controllers even better.


For starters, each Aim Boost Kit includes two performance controller sticks that add 10mm and 6.5mm of additional height to your controller's normal thumbsticks. This not only makes them more comfortable, since they put your thumbs in a more natural and relaxed spot relative to the controller, but it also renders these controllers more accurate when you need to be as precise as possible.

Take a game like MLB The Show 22. When you're pitching, and want to whiz a fast ball just right below where the batter has swung the last two times — but not look like you're trying to whiz a fast ball just right below where the batter has swung the last two times — the pin point accuracy provided by the Aim Boost Kit's control sticks can help make that happen.

The same is also true when you're at bat, and want to do the whole "Babe Ruth pointing" move.


This added accuracy is especially helpful when using a precision weapon like a sniper rifle in such games as Call of Duty, Halo: Infinite, or Sniper Elite 5. Even when a game has aim assist, the Aim Boost Kit's high-rise control stick and mid-rise control stick can make it easier to hit your target from afar, especially when your view is partially or occasionally obstructed.

Even such racing games as Gran Turismo 7, Forza Horizon 4, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe get better with KontrolFreek's Aim Boost Kits, since being precise can mean the difference between taking a turn just right and careening off the track into a wall. Or a banana.

Precision isn't the only benefit offered by KontrolFreek's Aim Boost Kits. That's because the added height of high-rise control stick and mid-rise control stick put your thumbs in a more natural position. It's something you'll notice when playing something that's effortlessly fun but has lot of repetitive motions, such as Minecraft or Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nothing kills fun — and your plans to build a new home — faster than joint pain.


The Aim Boost Kit's high-rise control stick and mid-rise control stick also feature ridges on their thumb grips that not only keep your fingers from slipping and centered on the stick.


Let's go back to such action games as Halo: Infinite, Sniper Elite 5, and Call Of Duty, and those stressful moments when you have only seconds to take that shot. While accuracy is paramount, so is having a steady hand, especially when you need to not only hit your target, but do so at just the right time. That's where the ridged thumbgrips on Aim Boost Kit's high-rise control stick and mid-rise control stick come in handy, since they keep your thumb in place and centered.


This can be especially crucial when time is of the essence. Just take a platformer like Kirby And The Forgotten Land or the parts in Horizon Forbidden West when you have to jump on top of those robot giraffes. Moving at just the right time can mean the difference between surviving and being squished, so it's no time to have your finger slip.

Along with the high-rise and mid-rise controller sticks, KontrolFreek's Aim Boost Kits also include three cushion rings you place around the controller's built-in control stick. What this does is add resistance to the thumbsticks' movement, which in turn makes for even more nuanced control. It's kind of like how you can usually adjust the sensitivity of a controller in a game's options menu, except now you can do so even more precisely, and automatically for every game.


Each Aim Boost Kit even comes with three different densities — soft, medium, and hard — so you can find just the right amount of resistance for your play style. They're also anti-microbial — i.e., they kill microorganisms and impede their growth — which is good news for you, especially if you share your controller with friends or family. You'll thank us come flu season.

Armed with the right Aim Boost Kit for your system, you'll not only be unstoppable, you'll be comfortable as well.

KontrolFreek's Aim Boost Kits are available for Xbox Series X/S (and Xbox One), PlayStation 5 (and 4), Switch for $21.99 each.

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