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From the Cosmos Comes Limited Edition Galaxy Black Thumbsticks!

by Troy Gloski 14 Jun 2022

You asked for it and we delivered. We are proud to announce a Limited Edition run of KontrolFreek Galaxy Thumbsticks in black, while supplies last! 

 PS5 Black Galaxy Thumbsticks

As the creator of Performance Gaming Gear, we've built the FreekNation community of more than four million gamers. We value the feedback of our fans, who made Galaxy Thumbsticks our bestselling thumbsticks since 2018. We’ve heard that you want more colors, more customization options, and more ways to improve your controller. Black Galaxy Thumbsticks give you the ultimate in-game advantage for any game. The Galaxy Black pack features two awesome Black on Black Thumbsticks: One 6.5mm Mid-Rise Thumbstick for improved in-game movement control on the left stick and one 10mm High-Rise Thumbstick for increased accuracy and precision on the right stick. Our non-slip proprietary rubber and premium laser etched design offer exceptional grip and require less force to control, which reduces hand and thumb fatigue. Galaxy stands up to the grueling demands of competitive and online play, whether you’re fighting for the battlefield, the city, or the universe. 


Galaxy Thumbsticks are the Performance Thumbstick of choice for professional gamers like FaZe Flea, who uses them to win more Victory Royales in Fortnite. Atlanta Faze’s Arcitys dominates the professional Call of Duty scene with his Galaxy Thumbsticks (approved for tournament use). You too can be the last woman standing in more Warzone matches like NYSL Swish if you try out  FPS Freek Black Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks from KontrolFreek. To learn more about how Galaxy Thumbsticks improve your game, check out our video W/ Aikable. 

 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Thumbsticks

The added grip from KontrolFreek Thumbsticks increase comfort and control across your entire library of games, while protecting your controller’s stock thumbsticks from wear and tear. KontrolFreek Galaxy Black Thumbsticks are perfect for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. Don’t miss out on the most requested Thumbstick in KontrolFreek history. Act fast to complete your collection and perfect your controller while improving your game by picking up a pair of Galaxy Black KontrolFreek Thumbsticks before they run out!  

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