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Forge Team of the Month: Team Singularity

by Luke Panosian 14 Aug 2020

Founded in Denmark, Team Singularity has one ambition and that is to take the world by storm. From high calibre teams to undiscovered talent, our aim is to become one of the most successful organizations globally.

From the depth of Copenhagen to the tropical South American region, Team Singularity has the diversity in which they home more than 150 players and staff members from 29 different countries. Fighting their way through the ranks whether they are on home soil or abroad, they always have the victory set in sight.

The players, coaches, analysts, and trainers represent a collection of world class talent and passion. Fueled by the energy of talented individuals, this particular team represents the concentrated ambition to achieve one goal. That goal: to build the ideal esports team for many years to come.

Team Singularity

 Fluctuating between content and competition, Team Singularity urges the SNG-family to create a community in which they can expose their ability and characteristics to the best of their ability. With many of the members being twitch verified, SNG are continuously moving forward by welcoming new viewers to the Team Singularity brand.

The way Singularity facilitates their players and talents is through a vast, and constantly increasing international network, as well as solid grounded collaboration with the pinnacle of Danish esport academies, esport involved brands and sponsors. Singularity is known for working closely with educational institutions, leisure activities, talent development initiatives and esports startups. 

Branching out into many competitive games, with over € 1.290.000 EURO prize pool already collected, Team Singularity are looking to make a stamp on the rest of 2020.  

Check them out below!

Singularity’s mobile app: iOS Android

Twitter - Team IG - Fans IG - YouTube 


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