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KontrolFreek’s Esport Forge Teams Dominate The Call of Duty Challengers Series Finals

by Luke Panosian 21 Aug 2020

The Call of Duty Challengers Series came to a close this weekend with three separate Championship Tournaments for the NA, EU, and APAC regions. For those who may not be as familiar, Call of Duty Challengers is the official amateur competition for Call of Duty and is the optimal “path to pro” system for the official Call of Duty League. 

For the final Call of Duty Challengers Series, teams from across three regions competed against each other to claim a prize pool of $500,000. KontrolFreek’s Esports Forge program was heavily represented this weekend as five Forge teams placed in the top 20 across all three regions. 

KontrolFreek would like to congratulate Team Singularity, Carnage Gaming, Nemesis Gaming, No Mercy Esports, and Unjustified Gaming for their tremendous success this Call of Duty season! Overall KontrolFreek Forge teams took home more than $80,000 in earnings this season. A full recap of the results is below:

NA Championship: $250,000 

EU Championship: $200,000

APAC Championship: $50,000

KontrolFreek’s Esports Forge Program is an exclusive esports program designed to help aspirational esports teams and athletes reach their competitive goals by leveraging KontrolFreek’s resources, support, and experience collaborating with the world's top esports organizations. For more information on KontrolFreek’s Esports Forge Program please visit or apply to join The Forge here.

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