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Destiny 2 Forsaken: The Changes and Additions We're Most Excited For

by Mason Moreau 31 Aug 2018

RIP Cayde-6

Fellow Guardians, let's take a moment to mourn the loss of our beloved in-game friend and mentor, Cayde-6. He will be missed. And let's not forget that beloved actor, Nathan Fillion is once again out of a job. If you're as salty as we are and you've been playing the trailer non-stop just to pause it right before Cayde's death to savor those last few moments before saying goodbye forever, here you go. Give it a watch one last time. 

Now Dry Your Eyes, It's Time to Fight back! 

The amazing developers at Bungie know that a great game can cut weeks off of the grieving process (anecdotal). And they've churned out a doozy here, folks. Destiny 2: Forsaken is about to blow D1's The Taken King out of the water. We've used our industry expertise and scoured the internet for all of the little tidbits of info we can find and narrowed it down to what we are most excited for. 

So here it goes. Prepare to plan your loadouts and replenish your energy drink and junk food supply Freeknation. It's about to get hairy.

New Weapon Class: Bows

Even with the seemingly limitless amount of weapons and customization options in Destiny 2, we feel like the trusty bow and arrow was something that the game was missing. The bow and arrow hits that sweet spot between the accuracy of a sniper and the agility of a close-range weapon. Plus getting a kill with any bow is SO SATISFYING. Not to mention, certain bows will be equipped with elemental abilities that stun enemies or create massive explosions.

To top it all off, we're getting a few exotic bows that have incredible special abilities! Here's the rundown of the exotic bow we can't wait to put to good use. 


Wish-Ender is a total powerhouse. This exotic bow gives you the ability to see through walls and anticipate oncoming enemies. And when it comes time to shoot, Wish-Ender's arrows have the ability to pierce through more than one enemy! 

New Game Mode: Gambit

Gambit is a fast-paced race against the clock multiplayer mode. Touted as a PvE and PvP hybrid, the mode drops two teams into two separate arenas where they are tasked with defeating enemies, picking up 'motes' (essentially in-game currency), depositing those motes, and spending them to sabotage the other team. Deposit enough motes and you can invade the other team's arena for 20 seconds. The first team to beat their arena's final boss is the winner. 

We were given a quick sneak preview of Gambit on our recent trip to Guardiancon. Let us say, we were very impressed. Which is why we can't wait to boot up the final result and dive in. 

Dreaming City

After you finish Forsaken's main campaign, there's still so much you can do! Bungie have included a brand new endgame location called "The Dreaming City" where a brand new strikes and even a raid await the most skilled Guardians. Its gorgeous locales look beautiful and really do exemplify what D2 does best visually. Which is the perfect marriage between fantasy and sci-fi.  

Not a raider? No problem! You'll still be able to explore the new are to your heart's content. What's even cooler though is the fact that The Dreaming City will organically change as raiders progress through the raid, so there will always be something new and exciting to go back and visit! 

Quality of Life Updates

Guns Drop With Random Perks

Yep! You read that right! Gone are the days of picking up the same gun you've picked up 22 times with the same perks just to dismantle it like the other 20. Now, every weapon has random perk rolls that provide an incentive to pick it up again in hopes of more powerful abilities that change the way you can use it.

No More Class Restrictions

Another amazing update comes in the form of class restrictions. Or lack thereof really. Weapon types have been reworked so that you're no longer restricted to certain weapons based on your character class. You want 3 shotguns? You can have 3 shotguns! Isn't it marvelous?

Update 2.0 Mod Rework

Why did mods affect your power level in the first place? This odd feature of Destiny 2 vanilla left a lot of us scratching our heads, and Bungie listened! Mods no longer affect your power level, so you can feel free to equip any mod you see fit without worrying how it's going to affect your overall build. So mod away Guardians! 


So there you have it! We're super excited to finally get our hands on this DLC expansion and dive right in and we hope you are too! Happy playing Guardians of Freeknation! 

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