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Honoring The FreekNation: Why Our Rebrand Was Inspired By YOU

by Mason Moreau 06 Sep 2018

This One's For You, FreekNation

KontrolFreek burst onto the gaming accessory scene in 2009 as a fledgling company with a great product. For almost a decade now, we've grown into an industry leader in large part due to our community. So when it came time to change our visuals, we thought it was more than appropriate to change our logo to represent the gamers dedicated to control and comfort that got us this far. 

You got that right. The FreekNation now has a national mascot. A mascot that represents our customers, supporters, followers, athletes, and brand in the past, present, and future. 

Anyone who has at some point used our thumbsticks, followed us on social, or even just spread the word about how they really do work deserves citizenship in FreekNation. Because you all helped form who we are as a company. So we felt compelled to have our new branding be formed by what FreekNation represents. 

The Logo

A wise person once told us, never forget where you came from. We took that into account. 

Notice anything? Maybe how the new logo's eyes/visor is very similar to our old controller logo? Thanks wise person. This looks sick. 

Also regarding the colors, you may have noticed that our old logo seemed slightly xbox-centric. We try not to discriminate. So now our secondary color is the mixture of blue (Sony) and red (Nintendo). Way more platform neutral don't you think? 

Finally, A Thank You

To anyone who finds themselves reading this: thank you. you're part of a thriving community of gamers driven by the pursuit of a increased accuracy and comfort. And also memes. Lots and lots of memes. Seeing the ways people use our products and getting your feedback always brings us joy.

Down the line we hope to continue to grow the FreekNation and cultivate content that keeps you informed and up to date while also keeping your controllers in tip top shape.

For those about to Freek, we salute you.

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