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How to Get Better at Fighting Games: Rize Gaming

by Rize Gaming 23 Nov 2020


Fighting games are commonly seen as difficult games to get good at. Whilst that is true, that shouldn’t discourage new players from hoping to learn and compete within them. Here are some tips from our professional Tekken and Mortal Kombat players, for making the initial steps!


1. Find your character. Fighting games are a very personal gaming experience, we spend a lot of time with one character for the most part, so finding the right character is the first important step you should make. Whether it be the aesthetic, story, or fighting style, whatever it is that motivates you to play them, be sure to check out the entire cast before making your decision!


2. Play Play Play! Fighting games are difficult and it may seem like an impossible task getting even your first online win, but it will come. Try not to shy away from a match after a loss, as losing is a vital component to understanding and improving on where you went wrong. 


The more you play the more comfortable you will be with your character, but also recognizing what the other characters are doing back. This is generally known as matchup knowledge. Eventually, many areas of the game will feel like second nature, and you won’t be thinking about how to use your character, but rather how to win with what you already know. 


3. Enter the Lab. “Labbing” is a term used to describe training in the practise modes that are found in all fighting games. These will allow you to repeat moves and scenarios over and over again without a time or health limit. You even set up the CPU to attack with certain moves, giving you the information you need - to learn how to block, evade or counter things you may have been struggling with.


4. Be Social. The FGC (Fighting Game Community) is one of the most social competitive gaming communities you can be part of, given that so many offline / live events happen every week around the world. The community nearest to you will help you level up even faster, as you’ll get good advice by like-minded people often. Despite Covid-19, these scenes are still thriving online. So reach out to your local scene, who are keen to make new members welcome!


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