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Iconic Video Game Soundtracks

by Megan Miller 05 Feb 2021


Video games and music go hand in hand. An impactful background track can bring any game to life, enhancing the player’s experience and immersion. Throughout the years there have been iconic soundtracks that have made a lasting impression on our little gamer heartsLet’s take a look at some of KontrolFreek’s favorites: 


Super Mario 64 

Mario is an absolute classic whose tunes explode major nostalgia for a lot of fans. With over 34 tracks, Super Mario 64 early on showed how effective a diverse and well thought-out sound album can be. Almost every world has its own theme song that sets the tone of the environment around you, making this game so magical.  



Doom Eternal 

The Doom Franchise has won numerous music awards throughout the years and rightfully so. Slaying demons in hell can get intense, but what really sets the mood is the metal rock composition playing in the background. There’s no better stress reliever than busting some demon skulls to powerful Orchestral battle music, making you feel like a true badass.  




Exploring a new world has never been so peacefulMinecraft has one of the most charming atmospheric soundtracks, certain to put you in a good mood as you mine blocks away for hours on end. Pro tip: If you’re having trouble sleeping, put on a Minecraft playlist and drift off to the soothing sounds. 



Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 

From ocarina lullabies to an entire orchestra medleyLegend of Zelda’s soundtrack does an effortless job of mirroring the emotions within the game. During the time of 8-bit gaming music, Ocarina of Time steered away from the trend and instead went their route of composing beautiful symphonic music for both gamers and non-gamers to appreciate. While trying to save the princess as Linkyou can truly feel the passion behind every musical note being played in the background making you feel as if you were really there.  



Need some gaming tunes to get you in the zone? Check out our KontrolFreek Spotify Account for playlists ranging from hype tunes to chill beats. If you want to recommend a song to add to the playlists, join our Discord and leave a suggestion!  


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