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The KF Gameplay: NBA 2K

by Megan Miller 24 Sep 2020


The team at KontrolFreek is decorated with different types of gamers, Action-Adventure, Shooting, Sport Games, etc. This month we’re starting a new blog series where we interview KontrolFreek employees to see what they have to say about their favorite game titles and series. This week we interviewed Keegan, our Digital Marketing Specialist, who has been an avid NBA2K player for many years. Let’s see what he had to say… 

What are you most excited for in the new NBA 2K21?

Keegan said he was most excited that the new NBA 2k21's dribbling system feels more fluid. With enhanced graphics and improved gameplay, NBA 2K21 looks and feels more realistic, giving you that real court experience. 


What’s your all time favorite NBA 2k Game? 

Keegan’s favorite NBA 2K game is NBA 2K16 because like many other fans, he enjoyed the Park Affiliations feature located in MyCareer. Within the Park Affiliations feature you had the option to choose from three different parks: Old Town, Sunset Beach, and Rivet City. Each park had their own playground setting, team name, and playstyle. Many enjoyed playing in this feature because representing your favorite neighborhood park, truly made you feel like you were part of a team. 


Do you have any tips for new players? 

  • “If you’re not a fan of the new shooting and layup system, either learn ‘cause that’s what's coming in the new gen or turn it off." To turn off these options, go to “Controller Settings” once the game starts up and adjust the system settings to your preference. 
  • Turn shot aiming off if you want Shot Timing on the Pro Stick for a bigger boost. 


How do you gear up your Controller Setup?

Keegan’s go-to controller setup for dominating the court is Alpha Performance Thumbsticks® paired with Performance Grips®. Alpha provides a wider surface area for better grip while adding minimal height. You’ll instantly feel a major improvement in comfort and grip thanks to the non-slip proprietary rubber coating. Performance Grips come in three different levels of cushion and are made of moisture-wicking material to keep your hands dry to get the best court shots. 

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