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KontrolFreek’s Top Video Game Picks from E3

by Ashish Mistry 16 Jun 2017

DCOPxOQVwAAvH-RE3 week may be over, but the KontrolFreek office is still buzzing with discussion following the amazing showings at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Like old friends and new faces, this E3 teased us with long-awaited sequels to some of our favorite games and introduced us to brand new titles that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Whether you are looking forward to getting your boots back on the ground in Call of Duty WWII, or jetpacking off of alien mountains as you explore a new universe in Bioware’s Anthem, it seemed like there was something for everyone on display. It’s safe to say the future looks bright for gamers, and as we look forward to the new games and tech, we’ve been trying to determine which games we are most excited to play. After much discussion and deliberation, we managed to narrow down some of our top picks from E3! Regardless of what game you are looking forward to, you can start getting prepared by checking out the KontrolFreek buyer’s guide to see what KontrolFreek gear is right for your style of gaming!


Destiny 2 – September 6, 2017
Bungie revealed Destiny 2 in May, but we absolutely had to get more information for the long-awaited sequel to one of our favorite first-person shooters. New trailers and gameplay features were revealed at E3, and they show a commitment to the story of the Destiny universe, along with improving the core mechanics of the game itself. With new clans, sub-classes and exotic worlds to explore, we are counting down the days to Destiny 2! If you can’t wait to start refilling your vault, you can get a head start when you pick up our new Destiny 2 CQC Signature Edition!


Wolfenstein 2 – October 27 2017
In 2014, MachineGames released Wolfenstein which stood apart from many modern FPS games by focusing primarily on the story and gameplay that called back to classic shooters. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus continues the story of BJ Blazkowicz as he maintains his war against the Nazi scum. Building upon everything fans loved in the first game, the newest chapter features bigger guns, stronger foes, and a new hatchet that promises to bring a new level to the brutality in Wolfenstein. We are ready to get back into the action and take down some Nazis!


Super Mario Odyssey – October 27 2017
Nintendo without a doubt had one of the best showings at E3, but what really blew us away was the trailer and gameplay for Super Mario Odyssey. The theme song alone had us hooked, and that was before Mario started his new hat tricks! This looks like a return to the style of some of the best Mario games such as Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64, and the gameplay videos looked fun and exciting in a way only a Mario game can. The Switch is certainly building a great library of games, and October could not get here soon enough so we can start playing Super Mario Odyssey!

Anthem – Fall 2018
We always look forward to Bioware’s presentation at E3, and this year they completely exceeded all expectations with their new title, Anthem. Breathtaking landscapes, jetpacks, mech suits and exotic opponents are all reasons to be excited about this game, not to mention it boasts the designer/writer who worked on Mass Effect 1 and 2! Bioware definitely knows how to make a great futuristic shooter, and if the gameplay we saw at E3 is indicative of the final product, we just might have a new staple in the sci-fi genre!


Monster Hunter WorldSpring 2018
Capcom has been producing the Monster Hunter series for over a decade, and fans of the series generally know what to expect each time a new chapter comes out. Imagine our surprise when Monster Hunter World’s trailer displayed some pretty huge changes to the classic gameplay and design. Hunting a giant beast across the landscape without a single load screen? Was that a grappling hook!? Monster Hunter World seems like it has taken all of the things fans love and expect from the series and sped them up significantly. We will absolutely be hunting wyverns come early 2018!

These are just a few of the titles we are looking forward to that were on display at E3! Make sure you let us know in the comments below what games you are excited for and your favorite moments from this year’s E3. No matter what games or how you play, KontrolFreek can help get you prepared for these amazing titles, so make sure you check out our Buyer’s Guide to see what Performance Gaming Gear is right for you!

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