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KontrolFreek Sports Game Showdown 2019

by Mason Moreau 21 Sep 2018

For the Superfans

The pantheon of sports games seems to get smaller and smaller through the decades, but the demand for them is far from decreasing. Every year we're presented with a handful of sports games that all promise insane graphics upgrades, inevitable roster updates, and new modes to entice us to break out our wallets and get to spendin'.

But nothing's worse than spending your precious money on a bad game. Maybe you're a Madden fan, but what if this one sucks and you should get 2k instead? What if NHL 19 is secretly freaking amazing and you've been sleeping on it this whole time? 

Well welcome to the showdown! We took the time to compare and contrast each new 2019 sports game that seems up to snuff to figure out which one is worth that hefty $60 price tag. 

Madden 19

Key Feature: "Real Player Motion"

Without a doubt, Madden has been a mainstay in plenty of living rooms for decades. Occasionally things get a little same-y And this year they added a doozy in the form of "Real Player Motion".

RPM is a real game-changer because it promises to bump up the realism. The unique nuances in the movements of each player can be fully realized in the game for the first time. Which may just seem like a cosmetic improvement, but the idea that players are going to act the way they do in real life means a better recreation of the actual dynamic of the gridiron than ever before. 

Very impressive EA. Now onto your next game...


Key Feature: House Rules Modes

Coming off the world cup this summer, FIFA is poised to have a whole bunch of new fans. What it brings to the table is pretty promising. Regardless of the shameless FUT microtransactions.  

The most important additions to note are the inclusion of UEFA and the new House Rules modes that change up the online multiplayer into an arcade-y romp of a time. 

NHL 19

Key Feature: Variety

When it comes to straight up simulation gameplay, the NHL games reign supreme. Controls always feel tight and responsive, and the moment to moment is fast-paced. Out of all of the games on our list, this one probably is the least played, but fans of EA's NHL series tend to swear by it. This year we hear ya. 

Something that they really ramped up this season is the playful and arcade-style online modes. They're really taking it up a notch with how zany they are this year! 

NBA 2K19

Key Feature: LeBron on the Lakers

2k19: consistently the game that people decide to buy if they don't go for Madden. Although that's certainly not the only reason people buy it. The NBA 2k games have a certain swagger and energy to them that is infectious. 

Unfortunately, there aren't really that many new updates outside of roster changes. One thing that did get a significant upgrade though is the story mode. Complete with well-written dialogue, the story is said to actually be surprisingly good for a sports game. Thanks for keeping story alive 2k! 

The Verdict

NHL 19

Out of all of the sports games we've played, NHL consistently has us coming back. The mixture of tactile controls, tight movements, strategic and deep gameplay, and the bevy of modes and fun things available make this our pick. This is the one game that tries its hardest to guarantee that you WILL have a good time whether you're playing by yourself or with friends online or locally. 

We're looking forward to more NHL titles in the future. Let this be a lesson to you: Don't sleep on NHL! They're fun games!

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