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KontrolFreek Staff’s Top Games 2017

by Ashish Mistry 24 Feb 2017

There are a lot of great games releasing this year and the KontrolFreek office has been discussing the ones we’re most excited about. While we couldn’t really agree about any particular title we are all looking forward to, we definitely all agreed that 2017 looks like a hallmark year for gaming. We’ve rounded up some of the team’s thoughts below for your reading pleasure. Check it out let us know who you agree with, or if there is a game that should have made our list!

Director, Operations and Administration
Top Game for 2017: Resident Evil 7
Release Date: Jan. 27
Platform(s): PS4, XONE, PC

Resident Evil 7 is the newest iteration in the classic zombie-horror franchise. Diverging from the previous RE titles, the most recent edition has changed up the gameplay and atmosphere to really emphasize the horror aspect of the series. In a big shift from the last few entries, RE7 puts the player in a first-person perspective as they traverse a mysterious manor while struggling to survive the attacks and schemes of its occupants. We highly recommend turning out the lights, turning up the volume and picking up this game if you’re looking for a truly harrowing game experience this year!

Customer Engagement Coordinator
Top Game for 2017: Tekken 7
Release Date: June 2
Platform(s): PS4, XONE, PC

Tekken is one of the oldest running and most successful series in the fighting game genre. With its debut release in 1994, this franchise has continued to be one of the most innovative names in the gaming industry. Released in arcade in 2015, Tekken 7 is finally coming to consoles this June, and there are no signs of the Tekken momentum slowing down. With 37 playable characters, including eight new additions, Tekken 7 is sure to keep the competition high in 2017.


Marketing Coordinator
Top Game for 2017: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Release Date: June 30
Platform(s): PS4

First released in 1996, the wumpa fruit-loving, box-smashing Crash Bandicoot is one of the most iconic platforming characters of all time. 2017 promises a huge dose of nostalgia with the upcoming release of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. This revamped re release of the first three games of the franchise in 4K resolution and with a remastered soundtrack is sure to bring back fond memories of this Sony classic! We are ready to pick up our Aku-Aku masks and take on the insidious Dr. Cortex all over again!

Brandon T.

Creative Director
Top Game for 2017: Read Dead Redemption 2
Release Date: Q3/Q4
Platform(s): TBD

Seven years ago, many of us traversed the wild west as the gun slinging Red Dead protagonist, John Marston. After a long wait, we’ve finally got word that we will be returning to the west in 2017 for a new adventure. Details are still scarce, but Rockstar Games isn’t in the habit of letting fans down, so we are optimistic about the newest iteration in the Red Dead series!

Matt D.

Director of Product Development
Top Game for 2017: God of War
Release Date: TBA
Platform(s): TBD

The God of War franchise has spanned over 10 years, six platforms, and seven games. 2016 saw the announcement of a new installment of the GoW series, and things are looking great so far. Gameplay trailers depict an aged Kratos in a new environment. Gone are the ancient Greek characters and settings, only to be replaced by a visually-stunning Norse setting. The setting definitely isn’t the only thing new about the game. A more measured combat style and ability to fully control the camera angles promise some exciting things to come when this game is finally released.


Retail Marketing Manager
Top Game for 2017:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Release Date: March 3
Platform(s): Nintendo

Nintendo’s newest console is just around the corner, and tied with the Switch launch is the release of the much anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The newest chapter in the TLoZ series diverges from older games in the by creating an open-world experience, full voice acting and new gameplay elements. Perhaps the biggest thing to get excited about is the fact that since the game isn’t linear; you can finally avoid the water temple for as long as possible!


Graphic Designer
Top Game for 2017: Sea of Thieves
Release Date: 2017
Platform(s):XONE, PC

Sea of Thieves is an open-world, co-op adventure game being developed by Rare for the Xbox One and PC. This game is all about teamwork as you and your friends set sail on the open seas to fulfill all your pirate fantasies. Explore the ocean, delve for treasure or just torment other players in a shared world with dynamic, user-generated content!


Customer Engagement Coordinator
Top Game for 2017: Mass Effect: Andromeda
Release Date: March 21
Platform(s): PS4, XONE, PC

The Mass Effect series took players to the stars and beyond with its larger-than-life narrative and setting. Exploring worlds and civilizations, dynamic combat and character customization solidified the franchise as one of the top science fiction RPGs ever created. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to take up the mantle as players are invited back to experience strange new galaxies. Set between the events of ME2 and ME3, Andromeda follows a new cast of adventurers as they seek to populate and explore the untamed Andromeda Galaxy.

These are just a few of our staff picks for 2017, and there are a ton of other great games coming out this year. If your most anticipated game made the list, be sure to comment and let us know! If you are looking forward to another game this year, let us know what it is and why you are excited.

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