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Meet Omni: The World’s Most Advanced Thumb Grips

by Jessica Tillery 14 Jul 2020

Here at KontrolFreek, we’ve created a high-quality line of Performance Thumbsticks®, which help you make smaller, more precise in-game movements with better comfort and control. But what if you have never used thumbsticks? Where do you even start? Well, you could always take our Buyer’s Guide quiz for a personalized recommendation, or you could just leave it to the pros (aka The KontrolFreek Team) to help get you started. Keep scrolling to learn more about Omni, the world’s most advanced thumb grips, which we think is the perfect starter stick. 

“After my thumb sticks were reduced to smooth rubber, I just needed to get myself some KontrolFreeks. My hands sweat. A lot. So grip was without a doubt the most important aspect I wanted to improve. Didn't want any raised crazyness so the Omni's were [an] easy choice. Been playing for a day now, and these things GRIP! It's a proper improvement over the standard thumbsticks and [they] are just so comfortable. They have so much more grip surface and control that you start wondering why you didn't get these earlier, or why Sony hasn't included these as a standard accessory.” - XTOV, Verified Omni Buyer 



If the above review didn’t sell you, let us help: Omni provides more comfort and exceptional grip with little added height, which allows for a small adjustment period and enhanced game play. The extra wide surface area features a cross-hatch design to give your thumb more room, allowing you to shoot those shots or hit that target. Whether you play FIFA, Rocket League, Call of Duty®, Battle Royale games, Adventure get the point...the versatile, dynamic design of this thumb grip adapts to pressure to keep you in control. It really is the one size fits all of Performance Thumbsticks. 

Okay, okay, you’re sold on Omni. But how do you even put them on your PS4 or Xbox One controller? How long will it take to get used to them? Here are our pro tips for getting started with any Performance Thumbsticks: 

  1. Open your new gear and snap the Performance Thumbsticks on your controller’s original analog stick. (Make sure you select the correct controller when adding to cart because sizes vary)
  2. Give the thumbsticks a little twist to make sure they’re on tight. If you hear a little pop, that means it’s secure and ready for game time.
  3. Power up your favorite game and begin to get a feel for the new addition. As you continue playing, you may find that adjusting your sensitivity provides even more accuracy, but it’s all personal preference. 
  4. We suggest allowing a few hours of play time to adjust to the feel of your Performance Thumbsticks. Once you get there, you’ll never want to go back. Trust us on this one. 
  5. What if you don’t game with a PS4 or Xbox One controller? Check out our compatibility guide here. 

We hope this information has you ready to dive into the world of Performance Thumbsticks, but maybe Omni isn't what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, we have endless options to choose from. Our Buyer’s Guide quiz will curate personalized recommendations based on how you play or you can browse recommendations by game genre: Shooters, Battle Royale, Sports, or Action/Adventure

Once you start, the enhanced gaming won’t stop. Stay tuned for more advice on how to grow into Performance Thumbsticks, including adding different heights and surfaces to the mix. 

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